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The number one priority for your pension scheme is that it suits your specific needs and requirements. It is therefore essential that you talk to us when your life changes.

We will be glad to offer you our advice to make sure you have just the right mix of savings and insurance products - whatever happens in your life and whatever your plans for the future might be.

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What if...
Life is full of happy moments and challenges where your pension scheme can offer some support.

What if...
Others like you
 See how much others like you have saved up for retirement.

Others like you
Investment Check
This guide will give you an idea of how your savings can be invested - depending on the risk you are willing to take.
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Brochures and forms
Here you can find relevant brochures and forms from Danica Pension (in PDF).

Brochures and forms

Advice also covers the following topics

Danica Pension Check
The Pension Check only takes a few minutes and gives you a clear indication of whether you are contributing too little or too much to your pension and insurance covers.

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Your opportunities
Get an overview of your options for taking out your pension,what to do if you end your employment and basics about pension.

Termination of employment
Payout options
Basics about pension

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Would you like to have the flexibility to change your risk profile?
With Danica Balance, you can always switch to another investment option that matches your age and life circumstances.

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