Health Package

Danica Health Package provides a number of services that can help you and your family if one of you falls ill. These include access to a stress hotline and – as a brand new feature – a second opinion from some of the top medical experts in the world via Best Doctors. This means that you get more security for you and your family with Danica Health Package if you fall ill.
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Second Opinion via Best Doctors

With Danica Health Package, you get access to Best Doctors’ global network of experts. Best Doctors offers a second opinion, that is a second look at your diagnosis or recommended treatment.
Who are Best Doctors?
Best Doctors is an international organisation established in 1989 by doctors from Harvard Medical School. The organisation is represented in over 100 countries and has more than 53,000 affiliated doctors, each of whom is carefully selected by other experts or doctors.
Danica Pension is the only pension provider in the Nordic region to offer a second opinion via Best Doctors.
How do you use Best Doctors?
As soon as you contact Best Doctors, you will be assigned a nurse to handle your case. The nurse sends your medical records to Best Doctors’ team of experts. When they have reviewed it, you get a report that you can share with your own doctor.
When can you use Best Doctors?
You can use Best Doctors as often as you like – in case of serious illness as well as for less serious conditions. The offer extends to you and your close family.


Stress hotline

With our new stress hotline, you can call anonymously and get personal advice from authorised psychologists, before, during and after a period of stress. That way, you can prevent stress and get well sooner.

Help to navigate through the public system

With the health package, you can call us for help or advice – for you as well as for your family. For example, you can get information about treatment options, the free choice of hospitals and waiting times.


 Online Health Check

  • In just a few minutes, Danica Health Check provides information on your state of health – and tips on how to improve your health with a few, simple measures. You can, for example:
  • calculate your BodyAge
  • set health goals
  • get new inspiration
    ask a doctor, a physiotherapist, a psychologist or a dietician for advice.