Dating back more than 30 years, the close collaboration between Pension for Selvstændige and Danica Pension has now, following renegotiation, been extended to 2027.

“Altogether, the know-how and the overall value proposition that we can offer the self-employed in collaboration with Danica Pension are the best in the market, and we are therefore very pleased with having negotiated and signed a new and improved agreement on behalf of our members,” says Lars Kvistskov Larsen, CEO of Pension for Selvstændige.

According to Lars Kvistskov Larsen, the overall value proposition is attractive to the many members of Pension for Selvstændige as it provides good, relevant and tailored advisory services, attractive net returns for several years, great healthcare solutions that reduce sickness absence and excellent insurance covers in the event of an accident or illness.

“We fully understand that self-employed people often focus entirely on running their business, but this does not change the fact that they, too, can be hit by unfortunate events that lead to long-term illness, and that they, too, want financial security when it comes to their retirement life, and it is our job to continue to provide that security and deliver the best pension and insurance solutions to the many self-employed people in Denmark,” says Lars Kvistskov Larsen and continues:

“Pension and insurance are therefore at least as important to the self-employed as to ordinary wage earners – in many cases, even more so actually, because the very existence of a business may all depend on the self-employed having the right cover – for example in the event of an accident or illness.”

Part of Danica Pension’s DNA

Pension for Selvstændige is Danica Pension’s largest customer, and this, combined with the fact that having the right pension scheme and insurance covers as well as great healthcare solutions can make a real difference for the self-employed, is the reason why also Søren Lockwood, Interim CEO of Danica Pension, has great expectations for the new agreement.

“Making a difference for the self-employed is deeply embedded in our DNA – advising them to ensure that they have the right pension schemes and adequate insurance covers if they suffer long-term illness and providing the best healthcare solutions to reduce their sickness absence. We are therefore humbled, proud and pleased to have extended our collaboration with Pension for Selvstændige, so that we can continue to provide financial security to one of the most important pillars of our society. It is our ambition that the new agreement will benefit the self-employed as well as the Danish society, Pension for Selvstændige and Danica Pension,” says Søren Lockwood, and continues:

“Suffering long-term illness often has far greater consequences for the self-employed, their business and their family, and they are therefore entitled to the best possible healthcare solutions, which we look forward to continue providing – for example through our new and improved Health Package that offers direct access to doctors and psychologists without a referral and with extended opening hours, which we know is much appreciated among busy self-employed people .”

Facts about Pension for Selvstændige, Danica Pension and the collaboration:

Pension for Selvstændige (PFS) is a non-profit fund established by organisations for the self-employed. PFS’s purpose is to make self-employed persons consider pension issues and to inform them about their insurance and pension scheme options. PFS prioritises personal advice and personal meetings.

  • PFS’s portfolio comprises 36,000 pension schemes with total pension savings of DKK 36 billion.
  • With around one million customers in Denmark and Norway and total pension assets under management of some DKK 500 billion, Danica Pension is one of the largest pension providers in the Nordic region.
  • The new, renegotiated agreement with PFS runs until 2027 and thus continues a long-standing partnership dating back over 30 years.