We know that mental and physical well-being has a positive effect on one’s lifestyle, work and family. That is why we updated Danica Health Package in 2021 to offer our customers direct access to doctors, psychologists and dieticians online regardless of their location.

“We typically see that, if people do not get help early on, their problems may become more long-term and lead to anxiety and depression, and that is exactly why we focus on early action,” says Camilla Thind Sunesen. 40 percent of the customers who have gone through a course of sessions responded that they would not have consulted a psychologist if they had not had the online option through our solution.

“We believe that, thanks to our health package, we can also reach people who would not otherwise have contacted their own doctor and who therefore risk becoming so ill that they become incapacitated for work,” says Camilla Thind Sunesen.

Another benefit of the increased access to health experts is that we have made more men talk to a psychologist. Svend Aage Madsen, Chief Psychologist and President of Men’s Health Society, Denmark, has called the online solution a breakthrough, and he is particularly pleased that it has made so many men accept the offer of psychological counselling at Danica Pension.

The new solution has been a great success, and one year after the launch, more than 12,000 consultations have been conducted online, of which no less than 6,000 consultations were with a psychologist. Also, there are indications that those of our customers who have gone through a course of sessions with one of our psychologists online are very pleased. No less than 96 percent responded that they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their sessions with the psychologist.

In early January 2022, we conducted a so-called YouGov survey and asked Danes about their views on psychology and psychological counselling. Nearly half of the respondents (47 percent) said that they either were or had been going through at least one course of sessions with a psychologist.

Of the 47 percent who had been or currently were undergoing psychological counselling, seven out of ten responded that they would consult a psychologist again in case of any future challenges. This suggests that many people experience a positive effect of consulting a psychologist.

Do you want to consult a health expert online?

  • All you have to do to consult one of our health experts online is log on to Netpension or Mobilpension, register yourself as a user of Teladoc Health and book an appointment.
  • It is usually possible to consult an expert within a very short time – also outside normal opening hours. For example, you can consult a doctor online seven days a week between 6.00am and 9.00pm.
  • The online doctor should be regarded as a supplement to the Danish public healthcare system and can be consulted if you need a prescription, advice and clarification on a current health problem or something else.

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