Change in the overall picture of risk. Danica Pension’s Chief Economist Mads Moberg Reumert has analysed the development in risk appetite among customers in Denmark to find out who chooses low, medium or high risk. You will also gain insight into which risk level has produced the highest returns over a number of years:

“Overall, people living in Denmark have received huge returns on their pension savings in recent years – despite the corona pandemic and the market turmoil of 2022. Based on returns alone, the savings of an individual with 20 years left to retirement have doubled since 2010 when calculated by costs and tax on profits at a medium risk level. At a high risk level, the accumulated returns are 127% after costs and tax on profits,” explains Mads Moberg Reumert in his analysis.

The choice of investment risk profile on your pension savings may have a significant impact on the development of your pension savings. And now may be a good time to take a look at your risk profile to see if it matches your preferences.

Read the full analysis here (in Danish only)