Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Danica Pension consists of:

  • Glenn Söderholm, Chairman
  • Kenneth Stricker-Nielsen
  • Charlott Due Pihl
  • Christoffer Møllenbach, Næstformand
  • Claus Harder
  • Ib Katznelson
  • Charlotte Hovgaard Dahlstrøm
  • Jesper Koefoed
  • Annette Olesen

Danica Pension consists of the company

Danica Pension,
CVR-nr. 24 25 61 46
Copenhagen, Denmark
Articles of Association of Danica Pension, Livsforsikringsaktieselskab (PDF)

Diversity on the Board of Directors
The Boards of Directors of Danica Pension and Forsikringsselskabet Danica have adopted a diversity policy that sets out a framework to ensure diversity on the Boards of Directors, among other things.

The policy defines what competencies should be represented on the Board of Directors, and the adequacy of the Board’s competencies is evaluated on a regular basis. Diversity in the competencies represented on the Board of Directors is essential to the Board’s performance.

To promote diversity in the Danica Group, we also focus on the underrepresented gender in all layers of management.

Learn more in the Annual Report.

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