Societal impact and sustainability 2021

In 2021, we accelerated our work to support sustainable development. We raised our climate ambitions and launched new tools and products which, combined, made a greater difference to our customers and society at large. On this page, you will find information about some of these initiatives.



Raising climate ambitions

We want to do our part in solving the climate challenge, and in 2021 we prepared to invest billions more in the green transition. At the same time, we started to reduce the carbon footprint from our investments in five of the sectors that have the most profound adverse impact on the climate. This will also help us fulfil our aim to future-proof returns for our customers.


In 2021, our investments in the green transition were up by 24 percent to DKK 33.5 billion.

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We set carbon reduction targets for five of the sectors that have significant adverse impact on the climate.

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The carbon footprint from our investments is 46 percent lower than the global financial markets in 2021.

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Raised objective: DKK 50 billion invested in the green transition by 2023

In 2021, we surpassed our target of investing DKK 30 billion in the green transition by 2023. That is why we stepped up our ambition and will now have invested at least DKK 50 billion in the green transition by 2023. The target is DKK 100 billion by 2030.

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We have a responsibility to future generations

How do our investments in the green transition help create a better society and a financially secure retirement? And where can we make the greatest impact in the future?

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Excluded 170 companies due to negative climate impact

We placed stricter requirements on the fossil fuel industry and divested from 170 companies to support the integration of climate considerations. The world’s largest oil company, for instance, was excluded.

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Pressing for ambitious climate plans

We will cut the climate impact of companies in five sectors by up to 35 percent by 2025. Many companies have unambitious climate plans, so now we are increasing the pressure on them.

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Significantly lower climate footprint from properties

From 2019 to 2021, we reduced the carbon footprint from our Danish property investments by 40 percent.

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More customers committed to making a difference

In 2021, more customers chose to invest in ’Danica Balance Sustainable Choice’. As contributions soared by 369 percent, pension savings of DKK 2.7 billion were invested in companies actively working to solve global climate, environmental and health challenges.

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Focus on healthy working and senior life

Although our name is Danica Pension, we not only help our customers with their pension savings – we also help them with their health. In 2021, we provided help to tackle unhappiness at work and accidents and also focused on physical and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.




The doctor, the psychologist and the dietician right in your pocket

Small problems often tend to escalate if not addressed in time. That is why we improved our health package, offering our customers access to talk to doctors, psychologists or dieticians online when it suited them. One of the benefits achieved was that we made more men talk to a psychologist.

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The mental consequences of corona

During the coronavirus pandemic, we provided recommendations and guides on how to achieve positive mental health.

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The future way of working is hybrid

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, working practices changed for most Danes, who will now work hybrid. We equipped both companies and employees for the hybrid work model.

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Helped young people get their working lives off to a good start

Almost one in five young people in the labour market experiences stress or anxiety. This is a worrying trend, which is why we decided, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, to focus on the best start to working life.

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Improved financial security

To ensure that our customers have the right pension scheme, we provide proactive advisory services and give clear recommendations that are easy to act on.


In 2021, we offered personal advisory services to about 85,000 customers and businesses via an online Pension Check or Pension Start.

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We signed a new and improved agreement with Pension For Selvstændige and their 36,000 members in 2021.

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Our customers set a new record in 2021 by making additional pension contributions of DKK 288 million.

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Let us notify you when it is advisable to adjust your pension scheme

Every year we hold thousands of personal meetings with our customers to provide pension advice. But since the future is both smart and digital, we are constantly working to make it easier for our customers to ensure that their pension solutions fit their current life situation. We created Danica Update in 2021, so that we can contact you by email or text message when you experience life-changing events that make it advisable for you to make adjustments to your pension scheme.

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Customers feel more secure

An increased focus on proactive advisory services was one of the keys to reassuring more of our customers in 2021 about their financial situation.

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An extended hand to the self-employed

We helped the self-employed keep important insurance covers, even if they were in a difficult financial situation during the corona crisis.

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You can learn more about our efforts to make a difference and how we support three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?