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Strengthen your health – plug and play healthcare tools for your company

Today, stress and other lifestyle diseases are increasingly challenging things to overcome. We know that taking care of these things in a timely manner and actively prevent them is crucial, in order to prevent them from leading to long-term absence due to illness, which can be very costly for your company.

This is why we have developed a number of plug and play healthcare tools that are freely available to your company, your managers and your employees, and that can help strengthen your employees’ health and hopefully prevent sickness absence and illness.

Our healthcare tools have been developed in collaboration with health experts and include tips and advice, health tests, podcasts, training programmes, etc.

All our healthcare tools are scalable. They are digital, making them easy for you to implement and easy for your employees to use. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of expanding the tools by purchasing add-ons such as extra courses, workshops and talks.

Corona advice

Working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic can be difficult. It can be a challenge to stay motivated and keep your spirits up. Here are some tips for you as a manager and for your employees on how you can protect your physical and mental health during the pandemic.

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Healthy Performance™

Healthy Performance consists of three areas: focus, mental breaks and prioritisation. In each of these areas, we offer mental training exercises that can help you and your employees become better versions of yourselves.

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Balance Your Screen Time

With digital devices always close at hand, we can stay updated and available – both at work and at home. When we have become used to checking our smartphones nonstop, our digital use may have gone too far, however.

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Balance Your Screen Time at Night

A good, uninterrupted night’s sleep is essential for you and your employees to perform your best in a busy everyday life and to be in good physical and mental shape generally. Here you get tips on how you can achieve a healthy sleep pattern.

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Stress Help

What is stress, and how can you and your employees detect the symptoms in yourself and each other? You can also read about what you can do to avoid stress – and how we can help you if you fall ill after all.

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Power Breaks

You only need to make a few changes to minimise the physical problems of sedentary work. Here are some tips and video guides on how you and your employees can incorporate more movement in your working day.

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Sunde Stemmer
(in Danish only)

Sunde stemmer is Danica Pension’s podcast series. Each episode features a new guest, who shares his or her views on physical and mental health. You and your employees can listen and subscribe to Sunde Stemmer via your favourite podcast platform.

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Health Check

Prevention is better than cure. In collaboration with Falck Healthcare, we have developed Danica Health Check with the purpose of inspiring you and your employees to live a healthier life and to reduce the risk of stress and absenteeism.

Health Check

Our plug and play healthcare tools include,
among other things:

Introductory video clips

Short video clips introducing the healthcare tool and the theory behind it. You can use the video clips to present the tool to employees.

Personal test

Customised tests for all employees to complete to find out what they should focus on.

Training programme

We offer both guided audio files and written training programmes which the employees can follow whenever it fits into their busy schedule.

Good advice

Together with our various partners, who are all experts within health, we prepare new tips for you and your employees.

Communication package

You get posters and email and intranet templates, which you can use when you want to communicate a specific healthcare tool to your employees.


Our healthcare podcast, Sunde Stemmer (in Danish only), provides you and your employees with good advice and additional information about several of our healthcare tools.

Interested in learning more?

All our prevention concepts provide the option to add on presentations and courses with leading experts and specialists within the various areas of healthcare.

If you want to learn more, please reach out to your Danica Pension contact.