Saving up for a long retirement

Your employees can expect to live longer than previous generations, and they want to lead a better life in retirement. However, 40% of Danes are not saving up enough for their retirement – and even more worry whether they are saving up enough. It is therefore important to offer a pension scheme that makes your employees feel secure in the knowledge that they are in a good financial position for a long retirement.

As one of the largest managers of pension savings in the Nordic region, we aim to give your employees the greatest possible return on the investment of their pension savings.

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Investment in the long term

The balance of your pension savings is most important on the date you and your employees retire. We clearly recommend that you receive pension benefits corresponding to 80% of your salary when you retire – and for the rest of your life. This is because we do not spend less in retirement, as one might think.

Investment of your and your employees’ pension savings is therefore all about ensuring robustness and generating the greatest possible return in the long term. We distribute your investments between low-risk assets, such as bonds, and high-risk assets, such as equities. We also monitor markets and adjust investments when necessary to give you the greatest possible return over time.

40% of Danes are not saving up enough for their retirement

Source: Danica Pension, Pension Check

60% of Danes worry whether they are saving up enough for their retirement

Source: Userneeds, April 2018

A good pension scheme makes your company an even more attractive workplace.