Face the future with confidence

When does the future actually begin? And where is your company headed? These are difficult questions. But the answers are part of shaping the lives of you and your employees.

For the future is the ‘now’ you create with the decisions you make today. That is why we at Danica Pension believe that the better you get to know your future, the more you will get out of it.

We can help you get more certainty about your company’s future. We make it easier for you to make the right decisions here and now so that you, your employees and your company are better prepared for the future.

The advantages of learning more about your future are that you and your company...

can obtain clear recommendations on the future based on insights and customer data

can offer your employees proactive advice that they can easily act on

can contribute to preventing and reducing illness among your employees

can increase your employees’ well-being and satisfaction

can boost your employees’ productivity and their contribution to the company’s bottom line

can become even more attractive to existing and future employees

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Insights on Danes’ view on the future

You and your employees make the company wheels turn today. But it is also important to focus on how you and your employees are best prepared for a good, long life – also when your working life ends and you enter retirement.

We can give you and your employees help and advice on pension issues that will make it easier for you to make the right decisions about the future.

In a new YouGov survey (summer 2022), Danes were asked about their expectations for the future.

The survey shows that more than half of your employees have dreams for their future, which you, we and the individual employee can help realise. But making dreams come true requires some effort. You need to consider your pension and learn more about your personal future.

To create the best possible conditions for the future, you as a business manager can lead the way and actively address your future. Because the better you get to know your future – the more you will all get out of it.

More than one in two Danes have dreams or goals in life that lie more than ten years into the future.

The vast majority of Danes (nine in ten) find it important to live a healthy and active life in the future.

95 percent think about/relate to their future.

Slightly fewer (83 percent) expect that they will be able to live a healthy and active life when they retire.

Source: YouGov survey for Danica Pension, summer 2022

Being friends with your future
– how to do that?


You may sit and wonder at the idea of being friends with your future. But the explanation is actually quite simple...

Here, our colleague in Danica Pension, Nikolai Lipsøe, explains why being friends with your own future makes good sense – and how his pension scheme plays into his plans for the future.




Is your company equipped for the future?

The future can be somewhat difficult to relate to. Few of us are equipped with a crystal ball, but much can be done to ensure that you, your employees and not least your company are well equipped for the future.

Clear recommendations on legislation and data

Our skilful social advisers can advise you on your options regarding legislation, rights and reimbursement during an employee’s absence due to illness.

We can also see your company’s use of treatments and services and offer you relevant insights as to where you can benefit the most from applying one or more of our healthcare tools.

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Proactive advice with clear recommendations

We regularly check whether your employees have the right cover and report on how many employees follow our recommendations.

That way, you get an overview of how many have received proactive advice and follow our recommendations. You also get specific tools, tips and advice on initiatives that we can launch in your company to support your employees in the best possible way.

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