The health insurance consists of three modules, which cover surgical procedures by specialists and at private hospitals – also abroad – and treatments by physiotherapist, chiropractor and psychologist, for example.
Basic module Module 1 Module 2
Fast private hospital admission Physiotherapist, psychologist and dietician Recovering abroad

The module covers expenses for private hospital or medical specialist

  • Consultation and preliminary examination
  • Surgical and medical procedures during hospitalisation
  • Outpatient surgical procedure
  • Follow-up examination
  • Outpatient rehabilitation

The module covers expenses for

  • Physiotherapy
  • Treatment by chiropractor
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Consultations with psychologist
  • Examination and treatment by psychiatrist
  • Treatment by clinical dietician, if BMI >30

The module covers expenses for

  • Treatment abroad
  • Transportation to treatment facility abroad
  • Accommodation for accompanying person
  • Temporary assistance in the home
  • Inpatient convalescence and treatment stay in Denmark