For the past year, many of us have found ourselves in uncharted territory in terms of working from home, on the go or some hybrid of these. As a manager, this may have felt particularly demanding as you have had to manage your employees remotely and the distance between you may have seemed greater. As we have gradually returned to the physical workplace, is everything then back to normal?

The answer is no. You and your employees have acquired new skills and preferences in your working life. Some of you have embraced working from home and holding meetings online, whereas others have counted the days to when they would see their colleagues again in person, and then again others have felt somewhere in between the two.

As a manager, it is important that you set the course for how to benefit from your experience and enable your employees to find a work model where they perform their best. We can help you with that.

Below, you will find our recommendations for how you as a manager can get the most out of hybrid working. The recommendations were made in collaboration with