Danica Balance

If you want Danica Pension’s experts to invest on your behalf.

With Danica Balance as your pension scheme, we manage your investments based on when you plan to retire and how much risk you are willing to take.

While you are young, you generally have a large proportion of equities and other higher-risk investments. As you get older, we gradually reduce the number of equities in favour of lower-risk investments, including bonds. This creates a good balance in your savings.

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With Danica Balance, our experts invest your pension savings in a wide range of assets, which apart from equities and bonds also include alternative investments such as property and private equity. This improves the relationship between potential return and risk.

The risk will automatically decrease in step with your age.

87% of the workforce worry if they are saving up enough for their retirement.

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Facts about Danica Balance

  • Reduction of your investment risk

    Reduction of your investment risk

    With Danica Balance, we automatically gradually reduce the risk related to your pension savings. At first, you have a larger proportion of equities and other higher-risk investments. As you get older, we gradually reduce this proportion by replacing equities with bonds and other lower-risk investments.

    We invest your pension savings flexibly, however, meaning that we may choose to increase or reduce the level of risk in our investment, as we consider most advantageous.

    You can choose between three risk profiles – low, medium and high. Our standard recommendation is medium-risk profile, which is also the standard profile offered to new customers.

    With our tool Investment Check, you can find out what risk profile best suits your needs.

    You can change your investment profile in Netpension.

  • Guarantee


    With Danica Balance, you can also add on a guarantee commencing 10 years before your retirement, for example. The guarantee ensures that you will receive a minimum payout, no matter how your investments perform during the guarantee period. This means that you do not have to worry if equity prices plummet.

    During the guarantee period, we invest your pension savings according to a special investment strategy, in which we continuously adjust the proportion of equities as and when it is appropriate or required for us to meet the guarantee.

  • Fixed portfolio composition

    Fixed portfolio composition

    As an alternative to a reduction of your investment risk, you can choose a fixed composition of your investments throughout your savings period. With this, the risk will not be adjusted according to your age. This risk profile is especially suitable if you are willing to accept higher or lower risk than would normally be recommended in relation to your age.

    If you have a company pension scheme, your employer may have decided to limit your number of options.

  • Choose how you want your pension savings to be paid out

    Choose how you want your pension savings to be paid out

    When you set up a pension scheme, you also choose how you want your pension savings to be paid out when you retire. This can either be as a lump sum payout or as regular benefits. Your pension scheme will typically be set up as an annuity pension scheme, a life annuity or a retirement savings scheme.

  • When you receive pension benefits

    When you receive pension benefits

    Whether or not you have added on a guarantee, we will continue to invest your pension savings while you receive benefits. If you do not already have a guarantee, you can add one, so that you always know your minimum amount of benefits.