Health experts online
– at your leisure

As a brand new feature, you and your family get quick and easy access to doctors, psychologists and dieticians via telephone and video – without having to report a claim to us or consult your own doctor first. This makes it easy to get clarification quickly and start treating small problems before they escalate.

Consult a doctor, a psychologist or a dietician

Ask about anything from eczema and diet to rapid heartbeat and sleep problems.


Second opinion via Best Doctors®

Get a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment.

For you and your family

Your partner and your children aged 24 or under are also covered.

Directly on your smartphone or PC

Get quick help at home, at the office or while you are on holiday.

No referral required

You do not need to consult your doctor or report a claim to us.

Open until 9.00pm

Get quick clarification when needed.

Consult the experts
if you have the slightest worry

Going forward you and your family can book an appointment and get help from doctors, psychologists and dieticians via our business partner Teladoc when it suits you. You can ask about any worry, big or small – and you should rather ask one time too many than one time too few.

Get hold of a doctor quickly

Have your children fallen ill, are you in pain, or do you need to ask a quick question about your or your family’s health? You can easily book an appointment and consult a doctor daily between 6am and 9pm – including weekends. You can consult the doctor as often as you like about everything from prescriptions to quick referral to a specialist.

Talk to a psychologist

Do you feel stressed, are you worried about your children, or do you or someone in your family need tips and tools to handle your everyday life? Then it is good to have a psychologist at hand. You and your family can book an appointment via telephone or video consultation. You can talk to the psychologist about anything – and each of you can arrange for a course of up to five counselling sessions if needed.


Personal nutritional advice from a dietician

If you want a healthier lifestyle, to lose weight, or if you and your family have questions about a special diet, book an appointment and get personal nutritional advice from a dietician. You and your family can ask about anything – and consult the dietician as many times as you like.

Second opinion via Best Doctors®

You can still get a second opinion on a diagnosis or treatment from some of the world’s leading doctors if you or someone in your close family falls ill. That way, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you get the best treatment.

Examples of what you can ask about


Children and anxiety


Racing thoughts


and joint pains

Weight loss




General Medicine






Child behavior


Special diet

Family problems


Generel health problems




Doctor's referral







Diet plan

Medical assessment


Unhappiness at work



Relationship and sexual problems

Traveller information

Drug abuse


Teenager behaviour

Exhaustion and feeling of emptiness





It is easy

Get hold of a doctor, a psychologists or a dietician quickly. Book an appointment and get advice and guidance from the experts via telephone or video consultation.

Go to, log on to Netpension or open the Mobilpension app

Book an appointment with a doctor, a psychologist or a dietician

Get help and advice from experts

Our partner Teladoc 

In collaboration with Teladoc, which is a global market leader in online consultations, we have created a unique network of skilled Danish doctors, psychologists and dieticians as well as leading international doctors in an easily accessible digital universe.

We are making it easier to prevent illness and maintain a healthy lifestyle

“At Danica Pension, we focus on strengthening our prevention and health offerings. We want to do more for more people – also before a problem gets out of control. Our new health package makes it easier to prevent illness and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And we hope that our customers will use it frequently. It is better to consult the experts one time too many than one time too few.”

Camilla Thind Sunesen, Head of Health Solutions

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Inspiration and advice on health

Find a wide range of tools and lots of inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, which we have developed in collaboration with experts.

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How Step Care™ helps you

The improved health package is part of our unique treatment method Step Care™.

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Healthy Performance

With just 10 minutes of mental training each day, you can improve your attentiveness and boost your energy, so that you can stay mentally fit for a long and good working life.

Increase your energy level

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