Why run away from the future when you can take the journey together?

When does the future actually begin? And who are you when standing in the middle of it?

These are difficult questions. But the answers are part of shaping your life.

For the future is the ‘now’ you create with the decisions you make today. And in any given ‘now’, you will always be you. You are you in 10 years. In 30 years. With your particular tastes, your needs and your peculiarities.

The better you get to know your future – the more you will get out of it. Perhaps you can even become friends?

We can give you help and advice on your pension that will make it easier for you to make the right decisions here and now, putting you in a better position going forward – both in your working life and your personal life.

Are you friends with your future?

The advantages of getting to know more about your future are that you...

can get the right cover if anything should happen to you or your family

get an overview of how you can realise your dreams

can get quick and easy online access to doctors, psychologists and dieticians

know whether you are saving up enough for your retirement

can choose the sustainability focus you prefer

get notified when you should check your pension scheme

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What Danes say about the future

The future is an interesting topic. An abstract concept too many of us as only few people are equipped with a crystal ball. Nonetheless, we all give much thought to the topic. In fact, according to a new YouGov survey (summer 2022), 95 percent of Danes responded that they think about and relate to the future.

Accordingly, much seems to indicate that Danes have a relatively positive view on their financial opportunities when they retire. But making your expectations and dreams come true requires some effort. You need to consider your pension and learn more about your future.

Because the better you get to know your future – the more you will get out of it. And who knows, maybe you can even make friends with your future.


For example, the survey showed that...

More than half (51percent) believe their standard of living will remain unchanged or be higher when they retire.

Two in three Danes (69 percent) feel confident that they have saved up enough for their retirement.

Three in four Danes expect that they have saved up enough to realise their dreams in the future.

And nearly nine in ten Danes (88 percent) expect that their pension savings will affect their standard of living as retirees.

Source: YouGov survey for Danica Pension, summer 2022

Being friends with your future
– What’s that about?


You may sit and wonder at the idea of being friends with your future. But the explanation is actually quite simple...

Here, our colleague in Danica Pension, Nikolai Lipsøe, explains why being friends with your own future makes good sense – and how his pension scheme plays into his plans for the future.




What do you want to do before you pop your clogs?

You may know the equivalent phrase ‘to kick the bucket’, which refers to ‘having a bucket list’. It simply means writing down the things you want to do before you kick the bucket.

Some people may wish to take the whole family on a holiday in Southern Europe, others want to make a parachute jump, and others again want to stay in their own home until the day they pop their clogs or kick the bucket.

But what are your dreams and wishes for the future? Go to Danica Pension’s Facebook page and state your wishes. Then you take part in the prize draw of a pair of open clogs!

The winner will be drawn on November 7th and contacted directly.

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