Approaching retirement

Many questions arise when you are approaching life in retirement. We help you make decisions that fit your plans.

We live longer and we are more active when we retire than previous generation. The more you have prepared for your retirement life, the better it will be. It is therefore a good idea to consider your retirement well in advance.

Generally, you will need about 80% of your final salary when you retire, as you save about 20% when you no longer make pension contributions, pay membership fee to an unemployment insurance fund, etc. Apart from that, your financial needs will often not change much.

With a pension plan you can ...

  • get an overview of your pension assets
  • make the most out of your savings
  • prioritise your needs and wishes for the future with your spouse
  • decide who is to receive your benefits in case of your death
  • get financial security

What should you consider before planning your retirement? Watch the video clip.

Are you planning to retire within the next three years?

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About one in three Danes between the ages of 50 and 60 has small pension savings with several pension providers.

We spend the same amount of money throughout our lives – only our consumption patterns change as we get older.

Worth considering as you approach life in retirement

A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?