If my job situation changes

What happens to your pension scheme if you become unemployed or your work situation otherwise changes?

If your job situation changes and your employer no longer makes contributions to your pension scheme with us, your insurance covers usually continue unchanged for a period of three months from the date on which your employment ends.

During this period, you will be covered in the same way and at the same price, and you will pay for this cover through your existing pension savings with us. This will give you a respite to take care of other important things.

If you already know what to do with your pension scheme, please contact us on +45 70 11 25 25. You can also write to us.

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It is important that you consider what is to happen with your pension scheme and insurance covers after this period. You can learn more about what options you have to continue your insurance covers below.

Every year, about 750,000 Danes change job.

One in four Danes will suffer long-term illness at some point during their working life.

The process

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Are you considering taking a leave of absence?

Are you considering taking parental leave, going on a long trip or otherwise taking a break from your job?

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Important when your job situation changes

  • Advantages of continuing your scheme

    You will keep your seniority and continue to be covered under the insurance covers you are continuing. If you decide to continue your scheme within three months, you can keep your insurance covers without having to submit new health information.

    If you change pension provider, you will often be subject to a waiting period, during which you will not be covered, so it may be an advantage to keep your insurance covers with us until you have ensured that you are covered by a new scheme.

    If you are a Danske Bank customer, your Danica Pension scheme gives you advantages under Danske Bank’s customer programme.

  • Get advice on your options

    Feel free to call us on +45 70 11 25 25, so that we can plan how your pension scheme is to continue. We can also inform you of your new prices and conditions.

Your options

A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?