• Forgotten password

    You can order a new temporary password if you forgot your old one.

    Go to and order a temporary password.

    Remember: You must have your user ID and key card ready when ordering. You will receive it by post within 3 -4 business days.

  • Order a new password

    If you have forgotten your password, or if your temorary password is locked or has expired, you can request a new activation password. You will receive your new activation password by post within a few days.

    • Log on to and order a temporary password



  • Change password

    You can always change your password for NemID at NemID self-service. It is always a good idea to change your password regularly. Also, you must do it, if you suspect that others know your personal password.

    • Log in to NemID Self-service
    • Choose 'My NemID' in menu and then 'User-id and password'.
    • Choose 'Change password'.

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