Stress Help – getting on top of stress

Here you get answers to what stress is, how to detect the symptoms in yourself and others – and what to do if you feel stressed. You can also read about what you can do to avoid stress – and how we can help you if you fall ill after all.


What is stress?


I feel stressed – what should I do?


How to help a stressed colleague

Each year, more and more Danes suffer from stress. Research shows, however, that if you react as soon as you notice the first symptoms, you can prevent and avoid stress – or give yourself the optimum chance of a quick recovery.

Danica Pension focuses on human beings rather than on products – and we are ready to help you, if needed, whether you are experiencing the first symptoms or you have been reported absent due to stress. Together, we will identify what you need to get better.

We offer you anything from an anonymous talk with a certified psychologist to a customised treatment programme with psychologists, physiotherapists and job coaches, for example. When you are ready to return to work, we will help you to have a good start.

How we can help you

Do you experience symptoms of stress?

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What can you do to avoid stress?

Get six tips to avoid stress and for greater well-being in your everyday life.

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More information on stress

Read more about stress and get inspiration for how to prevent stress with a few, simple exercises

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