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Danica Health Insurance provides you with the best treatment options.

Danica Health Insurance takes care of you, when needed. We help you find the best treatment, and you also avoid long waiting lists as you get access to private hospitals. The insurance also covers expenses for treatments by, for example, a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. 

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The health insurance is divided into modules. The standard insurance cover consists of the basic module and modules 1 and 2. You can learn more about the individual modules below. If your insurance cover has been taken out through your employment, your employer has selected the modules on your behalf.

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Each year, one in five Danes need to use their health insurance

With Step Care™, we support you all the way and ensure that the treatment is customised to your needs

Special advantages of physiotherapy and
chiropractic treatment

A doctor's referral is not required:

  • Help right away without consulting
    own doctor
  • Timely treatment of even more customers

Training facilities:

  • Access to gym during the entire course of treatment
    + three months after
  • Better results when combining treatment with training sessions

Training app and direct contact:

  • Training app with the option of contacting the physiotherapist in between treatments
  • 60 percent of customers undergoing treatment download the training app

Special advantages of
psychological treatment

Coaching approach:

  • A coaching approach to treatment focused on establishing new habits and behaviours
  • Many experience positive results with this approach

Work-related advice:

  • Focus on maintaining the employees’ connection with the workplace with the option of a three-way conversation
  • In 70 percent of claims, work-related advice is relevant

Video meetings and online modules:

  • Option of video meetings and digital training modules in between treatments with the therapist
  • 40 percent use online meetings – we expect this number to increase

Learn more about the modules of the insurance cover here

  • Basic module

    The basic module covers an annual amount of up to DKK 1 million for your expenses for quick treatment at a private hospital or a medical specialist. If you have other modules, you may be covered for up to DKK 1.5 million a year. You can see the amount in Netpension or in the policy you received via e-Boks. 

    The basic module covers your expenses for: 

    • Consultations and preliminary examinations and subsequent treatment 
    • Your own meals, accommodation and care at the private hospital during inpatient treatment. 
    • Surgical treatment – both outpatient and inpatient treatment. Medical or other treatment is covered only in connection with inpatient treatment 
    • Post-treatment check-up – including several check-ups, if needed 
    • Post-surgical outpatient rehabilitation in Denmark. Rehabilitation must take place in a private hospital or at medical specialist or physiotherapist clinic with referral by a doctor. Your insurance covers a maximum amount equal to the subsidy for rehabilitation in accordance with the collective agreement with the public authorities. 
  • Module 1: Physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician, etc.

    This module covers treatment by physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist and reflexologist.

    It also covers examination and treatment by a psychiatrist and part of your expenses for psychologist consultations. If you choose a psychologist from our network, we cover all expenses for your treatment.

    If your BMI is above 30, the module also covers consultations with a clinical dietician. This also applies if the consultation is linked to the treatment of another condition, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes or intestinal complaints. We also cover medicine expenses for six months from the first day of treatment.

  • Module 2: Treatment abroad etc.

    This module covers medical treatment at a private hospital abroad, and you are eligible to get assistance in your own home. Your insurance also covers a convalescence or treatment stay. Module 2 covers an annual amount of up to 1.5 million. 

  • Module 3: Healthcare for your children

    Module 3 covers your children if they fall ill or have an accident and need treatment. 

  • Module 4: Addiction treatment

    A company health insurance cover may include module 4, which provides the employees with the opportunity for treatment of alcohol, drug and other addictions. 

    This module is not available if you have a personal health insurance cover. 

  • The following is not covered

    • The first three months after the insurance cover has been set up, either as a personal or as an optional company insurance cover 
    • Expenses for rehabilitation, unless you received surgical treatment such as knee surgery 
    • Cosmetic treatments and fertility treatments 

    You can learn more under the conditions in Netpension

Facts about Danica Health Insurance

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