Health insurance for          your partner

If you have Danica Health Insurance, you can also provide great cover for your cohabitant, spouse or registered partner.

The health insurance takes care of your partner if he or she needs support. We assist in finding the best treatment. Your partner will also have access to private hospitals and avoid long waiting lists, and we cover expenses for treatment by physiotherapist or chiropractor, for example. Your partner will have the same cover as you with the exception of one module. 

You can see your existing insurance covers in Netpension. Select ‘Pension and Insurance’ under the menu item ‘Pension scheme'. Select the relevant policy number. 

Learn more about the modules under Danica Health Insurance and facts about the insurance cover. 

Each year, one in five Danes need to use their health insurance.

How to get treatment

  • We are ready to advise you on treatment and answer
    any questions on +45 70 25 02 03.

Would you like to provide cover for your child?

We also offer health insurance for your children. You can learn more here.

Children's Health Insurance

Facts about the insurance cover

  • Can I add on insurance cover as a personal customer?

    Yes. If you do not have the option to add on Danica Health Insurance for your partner via your company pension scheme, you can set up a personal health insurance cover if your partner is between the age of 19 and 59. 

  • Must my partner provide health information?

    Yes, your cohabitant, spouse or registered partner must provide health information before taking out the insurance cover. 

  • Price

    If you add on the insurance cover via your company pension scheme, the price depends on our agreement with your employer. You will be charged directly. 

    If you add on the insurance cover as a personal scheme, the price depends on your partner’s age and on the selected health insurance cover. You can choose between the following:

    Basic module + module 1

    Basic module + modules 1 and 2

    We are ready to provide you with an offer on +45 70 11 25 25

  • What modules can I choose?

    If you have a personal health insurance cover, you can choose one of the following combinations:

    Basic module + module 1

    Basic module + modules 1 and 2

    Feel free to contact us if you want to adjust your partner’s modules. 

    If your partner’s health insurance is set up as part of a company scheme, your partner will have the cover selected by your employer

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