Here you find all our forms. Click on the underlined arrow to open the form. You can submit and attach the completed form to us here.

Who is to receive the money if I die?

  • Who is to receive my pension benefits?

    If you need to decide who is to receive your pension benefits if you die prematurely. In pension terminology, these are known as your beneficiaries.

  • I want my pension paid out as separate property (In Danish only)

    If you want to ensure that your beneficiaries receive your pension benefits as separate property.

  • I want to settle my benefits

    If you want to ensure that your beneficiaries will not receive your benefits until a particular point in time, you may settle your benefits.

Pension payout

  • I lost my original policy (In Danish only)

    We may request you to submit the original policy to ensure that there are no other beneficiaries who are entitled to the payout. If you no longer have the original policy, you may complete this form and sign stating that the policy is lost.

  • I want to change account number (Denmark) (In Danish only)

  • I want to change account number (outside Denmark) (In Danish only)

    If you want to change the foreign account number used for your pension benefits.

  • Life certificate in Danish

    If you are residing outside Denmark and we need a written confirmation that you are alive before we can pay out your pension.

  • Life certificate in English

  • Life certificate in French

  • Life certificate in Spanish

Payout on death 

  • My marital relationship with deceased partner (In Danish only)

    If your spouse or partner dies, we may ask you to inform us of your marital relationship with the deceased.

  • Who are the heirs of the deceased? (In Danish only)

    When you need to inform us of the deceased’s heirs. Each heir must complete and sign a statement.

  • My reply card (In Danish only)

    About three months before we start the payout of your pension, you will receive a letter with a reply card which you must complete and send to us. You can also send the reply card by ordinary mail to Danica Pension, Parallelvej 17, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, marked ‘Udbetaling’.


  • Use of my information (consent)

    Here you can consent to Danica Pension, Danske Bank and Realkredit Danmark exchanging registered data about you. If you are a Danske Bank customer, you can also give your consent in Danske eBanking by selecting [‘e-Boks’], [‘udskrifter og aftaler’] and [‘Samtykker’].

  • Customer information (power of attorney) (In Danish only)

    Here you can consent to a third party retrieving information about you from Danica Pension. This may be an attorney or your bank, for example. When you have completed the form, the person who seeks access to the information must complete the form [‘Anmod om kundeoplysninger’], which you can find at the bottom of this page under [‘For kunder’]. Your completed form must be attached.

  • Help from others in a claims situation (power of attorney) (In Danish only)

    Here you can consent to your spouse, parent, friend or colleague retrieving and submitting information about you to us if you need to use your health insurance or cover for loss of earning capacity. When you have completed the power of attorney, you must send it to us via []. Under [‘Jeg vil gerne’], you must select [‘indsende information og dokumenter’] and then [‘bilag til min behandling’] or [‘bilag til mit sygdomsforløb’].