Danica Balance FlexOpsparing

Do you want to diversify the risk when you invest your cash funds? Then FlexOpsparing is an attractive option.

With Danica Balance FlexOpsparing, you choose your risk profile and when you need the money, and we invest your savings. Learn more about the investments in Danica Balance.

Our experts invest your pension savings in a wide range of assets, which apart from equities and bonds also include alternative investments such as property and private equity. This improves the relationship between potential return and risk.

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Facts about Danica Balance FlexOpsparing

  • Who can set up Danica Balance FlexOpsparing?

    This savings product can be set up by anyone and only requires an initial contribution of DKK 25,000. You can transfer the money from your Danske eBanking.

  • How do I make contributions?

    You make contributions by transferring money from your Danske eBanking. Your contributions are not tax deductible.
  • How to withdraw your money?

    When you need the money, you can make a withdrawal via Netpension. Log on to Netpension and make an account transfer to your NemKonto account. The money will be at your disposal three days later. You must withdraw at least DKK 500.

  • How are my savings invested?

    We invest your savings in different investment funds. The distribution will depend on which of the nine investment strategies under Danica Balance you choose.

    See the nine investment strategies under Danica Balance (In Danish only).

    You can also see the current returns under Danica Balance.

    Higher risk has historically resulted in a potentially higher return. However, it also results in an increased risk of fluctuations in your pension savings. It is important that your risk profile matches your preferences. We always recommend that you choose your risk profile before you start to invest.

    If you want to, you can change your investment strategy.

  • What will happen to my savings if I die prematurely?

    If you die before your savings are paid out, your beneficiaries will receive a total payout corresponding to 99 percent of your savings.

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