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Danica Traditionel

You can no longer choose Danica Traditionel. 

Due to the low level of interest rates, it is no longer possible to choose Danica Traditionel. In Danica Traditionel, we invest your pension savings. Your gains and losses are spread over a number of years to give you a stable return. You are also guaranteed a minimum amount of benefits when you retire.

If you have a Danica Traditionel scheme, you should consider changing to Danica Balance. Feel free to call us on + 45 70 11 25 25 if you are considering changing to Danica Balance.

You can see your existing savings product in Netpension.


Facts about Danica Traditionel

  • Is Danica Traditionel the right savings product for me?

    Due to the low level of interest rates, it is no longer possible to choose Danica Traditionel. Also, if you already have Danica Traditionel, you cannot make extra contributions to the scheme. Instead, we recommend Danica Balance.

    Feel free to call us on +45 70 11 25 25 if you have any questions about your Danica Traditionel scheme.

  • Your return

    The return on your savings is determined on a regular basis. We call this the rate of interest on policyholders’ savings. It is determined based on the economic situation, investments for the year and the outlook for the coming years. In periods when things are going well, we usually raise the rate of interest on policyholders’ savings, and in periods when things are not going well, we may lower it. We make sure that the interest rate does not fluctuate too much.

    Click here (In Danish only) to see the rate of interest on policyholders’ savings.

    Learn more about interest rate, risk, and cost groups ( In Danish Only).

  • Minimum payout guarantee

    With Danica Traditionel, you are guaranteed a minimum amount when you retire, as the scheme includes a minimum payout guarantee. The guaranteed amount depends on when your scheme was set up.

    If the rate of interest on policyholders’ savings is higher than expected, your payout will also be higher than the guaranteed amount.

  • How do you want your savings to be paid out?

    When you set up a pension scheme, you also choose how you want your pension savings to be paid out when you retire. You may receive a lump sum or regular benefits – and for different periods of your retirement. Your pension scheme will be set up as a retirement savings scheme, an annuity pension scheme or a life annuity.

    Learn more about your payout options.

    Pension savings adjustment or bonus

    If we decide to increase the amount of benefits, we can do so in two ways. Either through a non-guaranteed increase, which can be reversed at a later date – we call this pension savings adjustment – or through a guaranteed increase, which cannot be reversed – we call this a bonus.

  • Surrender charge – extra security during bad times
    In periods of substantial financial market turmoil, if some customers move their savings it may lead to a loss for the remaining customers. We are required by law to prevent this, and we do so by activating a so-called surrender charge. This means that if the savings are transferred prematurely, a percentage of the savings will be added to the standard transfer costs. The surrender charge is also applicable to premature payouts.
  • Special allotments to customers from the former Statsanstalten for Livsforsikring

    Statsanstalten for Livsforsikring was privatised in 1990 and is now part of Danica Pension. As part of the privatisation agreement, customers from Statsanstalten for Livsforsikring are entitled to a share of Danica Pension’s profit if its dividends or equity reach a specific level. The agreement comprises customers that have schemes with bonus entitlement – a total of 75,000 customers.

    Danica Pension’s financial statements for 2019 included an expense of DKK 72 million for special allotments to the relevant customers. The special allotments for 2019 were distributed in the first half of April 2020, after which they appeared in the customers’ account summary in Netpension.

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