Sustainability considerations are a natural part of your pension

Responsible investments are about creating attractive and secure pension savings. This means that we analyse the sustainability aspects of companies and countries as part of our overall financial analysis. Not only does this provide us with greater insight into the companies and countries in which we invest, but it also provides us with better opportunities to assess whether or not an investment is attractive.

The road to better investment

Environmental and social conditions and good governance practices (ESG) are also referred to as sustainability factors or sustainability issues. How countries and companies work with sustainability issues can have a significant impact on whether they represent good investments. This is why we take into sustainability factors into consideration when we select investments for you. This helps create the best possible returns and provides you with secure pension savings.

Customised work with sustainability

We analyse and incorporate ESG factors in various ways when we select investments. For example, there is a difference in how ESG factors influence US equities compared with how they influence investment in Nordic corporate bonds, and in how companies work with sustainability within and across industries. For this reason, we customise and adapt our ESG analysis to the specific investment in order to create the most value for your pension savings.

Working systematically with sustainability risks

We focus on analysing and reducing the sustainability risks in order to take care of your pension. If companies do not manage and address sustainability issues, there may be negative consequences for earnings and for your potential return. By doing this, we can select robust investments that can generate attractive returns for you. We analyse whether the companies, for example:

  • take climate conditions into consideration
  • live up to human rights obligations
  • have good employee conditions
  • do not damage biodiversity
  • do not contribute to water pollution
  • work to combat corruption

Analysis tools

We use a number of tools to identify and analyse business-critical sustainability issues and to select investments that can deliver attractive returns for your pension savings.

Powerful ESG data platform

We have a data platform that includes more than 8,000 different data points about sustainability issues for companies and countries. The platform provides us with a deeper insight into and more perspectives on how these countries and companies are working with sustainability – information that we use in our overall investment analysis and investment selection. Read more the ESG data platform

Innovative analytical tool

We use a special ESG analysis tool called mDASH to assess the sustainability issues that may affect a company’s or country’s value development and return opportunities. The tool helps us to incorporate sustainability into investment decisions so that they can select the best possible investments. Read more about the tool here.


We screen investments to identify the potential risks companies and countries face in terms of sustainability and to identify attractive investment opportunities. Screening is also used to identify companies that potentially violate international norms and standards, such as in respect to human rights. Read more about screening here

 Team of ESG specialists

Our team of ESG specialists and analysts support our investment department in analysing and integrating sustainability factors alongside financial factors when selecting investments.

ESG training

Our investment specialists are trained on an ongoing basis to strengthen their competencies within the area of ESG. This is to ensure that we can constantly improve and develop the work of including sustainability in the selection of your investments.

Danica Balance – an ESG pension product

When you invest with Danica Balance, we do more than take sustainability risks into consideration, which is why we call Danica Balance an ESG pension product. This name reflects the fact that that Danica Balance also promotes environmental and social characteristics and ensures good corporate governance practices (ESG) that specifically focus on supporting the green transition and the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. This can be achieved by investing in companies that have a low climate impact or in companies and projects that produce green technology or green energy. Danica Balance also promotes other ESG issues by investing, for example, in companies that focus on employee conditions, diversity or anti-corruption. We are also actively working to influence companies to become more sustainable and to refrain from investing in companies that do not respect human rights or that have a large and adverse climate impact.

Danica Balance complies with Article 8 of the EU regulation on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector.


Heightened ESG focus

When you invest with Danica Balance Sustainable Choice, there is an increased level of focus on the promotion of environmental and social characteristics and good management practices (ESG). You can choose the proportion of your pension savings that are specifically invested in companies and projects that make a more targeted and positive difference when it comes to solving the world’s challenges in areas such as climate, environment, food and health and which support the UN’s sustainable development goals. (SDGs) Such projects and companies include those that produce renewable energy, deliver green and health technologies, ensure clean drinking water, or reduce the consumption of resources. Also, the range of industries and sectors that Danica Balance Sustainable Choice does not invest in is wider than for Danica Balance, and Danica Balance Sustainable Choice does not invest in companies that carry out activities involving alcohol, fossil fuels and military equipment.

Danica Balance Sustainable Choice complies with Article 8 of the EU regulation on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector.

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