Your pension is not invested in everything

When you invest with Danica pension, you do not invest in all types of businesses. We do not invest in companies that, for example, have a detrimental effect on sustainability. Pension products that we manage ourselves - Danica Balance, Danica Tidspension, Danica Traditionel* and the funds in Danica Link - include restrictions that cover the coal, tar sand, controversial weapons and tobacco sectors and which also apply to investments that violate international norms. Investment funds in Danica Link and Danica Select that are managed by other investment management companies, such as Fidelity or Schroders, may have other restrictions than ours. Danica Balance Sustainable Choice includes additional restrictions.

  • Coal, tar sands & peat

    Thermal coal and tar sands are two of the energy sources with the highest levels of CO2 emissions. Because of this, we do not invest your pension savings in companies that derive more than 5% of their revenue from thermal coal mining, thermal coal energy or a combination of these. Nor do we invest in companies that derive more than 5% of their revenue from the extraction of oil from tar sands or peat-fired power generation.

    These restrictions are part of our commitment to phasing out investments in companies involved in the three fossil fuel types by 2030 in the EU and OECD and by 2040 in the rest of the world, in line with the requirements of the Paris Agreement.

    We may make exemptions if a company can demonstrate credible transition targets for coal and meets level 3 criteria of the Transition Pathway Initiative framework. This includes setting quantitative targets for reducing GHG emissions, disclosing scope 3 GHG emissions and being transparent about lobbying activities related to the climate agenda.

    These restrictions are based on Danske Bank’s Sustainability Position Statements.

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  • Controversial weapons

    We do not invest your pension savings in companies that are directly or indirectly involved with controversial weapons. Controversial weapons are weapons that are prohibited by international law or considered controversial because of the indiscriminate damage they cause. Cluster bombs, anti-personnel mines, biological weapons, chemical weapons and nuclear weapons are all classified as controversial weapons.

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  • Tobacco

    We do not invest your pension savings in companies that derive 5 % or more of their revenue from growing, processing or producing tobacco products. This includes products that are wholly or partly based on leaf tobacco as well as so-called next-generation tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes and snus/nicotine pouches.

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  • Norm-based exclusions

    We do not invest your pension savings in a wide range of companies that exhibit harmful behaviour or are involved in problematic activities. These companies violate norms and standards such as the principles of the UN Global Compact or do not adhere to human rights or environmental- and climate-related conventions. For example, your pension savings are not invested in companies that contribute to water pollution and climate change, damage biodiversity, violate human rights or are involved in corruption or arms trading.

    See companies with investment restrictions

Additional restrictions with Danica Balance Sustainable Choice

Pension savings invested in Danica Balance Sustainable Choice include additional restrictions. This product does not invest companies involved with alcohol, gambling, pornography, fossil fuels or military equipment, for example.

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Analysing a company’s sustainability practises

When we invest your pension savings, we screen your investments on an ongoing basis to gain increased knowledge of how companies address ESG-related issues. Among other things, we analyse whether companies meet international norms and standards for corporate social responsibility in relation to human rights or environmental and climate considerations, for example. Screening helps us to identify companies that contribute to climate change, exhibit harmful environmental behaviour or have inadequate labour and human rights practices.

If companies face challenges in meeting their corporate social responsibility, we can put additional pressure on them to correct the problems. If we do not believe that this type of company can improve sufficiently, we can also choose to divest the company and place it on our investment restrictions list.

Read more about our investment screening process here



*Exclusions apply to direct investments in equities and bonds. In order to ensure optimal management of risk and of the investment portfolio, derivatives based on equity index are occasionally used, which can lead to an indirect exposure to companies on the restriction list. Equity derivatives are not used in Danica Balance Sustainable Choice.

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