Investing in a green future

At Danica Pension, we have a duty to be socially responsible, and we focus on creating a greener society. Our ambition is to invest DKK 100 billion in the green transition towards 2030. With this target, we not only aim to create attractive returns for our customers, but we also aim to contribute to international climate ambitions, such as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).


DKK 100 billion in the green transition


In 2021, we brought forward our ambition for investments in the green transition by two years, which means that we will already have achieved our target of least DKK 50 billion in such investments by 2023. We did this because taking action in the short term is important in order to curb climate change. When there is greater clarity regarding the EU’s taxonomy, which defines what activities can be categorised as green activities, we will review our 2025 and 2030 targets for investments in the green transition.

To date, Danica Pension has invested DKK 32.9 billion in the green transition. 

Green infrastructure - DKK 3.3 billion

This includes infrastructure projects in the field of renewable energy, such as wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric power. The investments were made through funds from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Global Infrastructure Partners. For example, Danica Pension has invested in the US offshore wind farm Vineyard Wind I, which produces enough green electricity to meet the annual energy consumption of 400,000 households. In addition, Danica Pension has also invested in the Scottish offshore wind farm Beatrice, the fourth largest offshore wind farm in the world. The wind farm provides wind-powered electricity for to 450,000 households on an annual basis.

Green bonds – DKK 17.3 billion

Green bonds finance solutions and products such as renewable energy, environmental pollution control, clean water, waste and wastewater management, and energy efficiency. For example, we have invested in green bonds issued by the national governments of the Netherlands, Belgium and the Republic of Ireland.

Investments in equities and bonds in the green transition – DKK 6 billion

This includes investments in companies that supply products, technologies or solutions that focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. These include equity and corporate bond investments in Vestas, Ørsted and Rockwool.

Sustainable buildings – DKK 6.3 billion

We work to ensure that buildings in our property portfolio have a healthy indoor climate, promote positive social interaction and have low climate and environmental footprints. As part of this work, we have awarded sustainability certification to properties that meet high standards with respect to areas such as low climate and environmental footprint. This contributes to the green transition and ensures attractive properties that encourage stable and future-proof returns. Sustainability certification from DGNB is one example of the certification we use.


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