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Sustainable investments

Sustainable investments are key to generating attractive returns on your pension savings. It is also an important part of our ambition to make a difference in society.

When you have a Danica Pension scheme, our main focus is on generating attractive and long-term returns on your pension savings to give you a financially secure retirement.

Good investments and a positive difference

Sustainable investment is about selecting good, sound investments, so that your pension savings can grow – while pushing companies towards sustainability. We believe that we can provide you with good long-term returns by considering sustainability and that this is key to a financially secure retirement.

We include sustainability aspects in our investment process

We engage with companies to contribute to a positive development

We screen investments in relation to international conventions and principles for corporate responsibility

Sustainability: a natural part of your investments

Sustainability is key when we select investments. We believe that the best long-term investments are those focusing on sustainability aspects and on running a responsible business. For example, we analyse the companies’ approach to creating safe and healthy working conditions, respecting human rights, becoming more energy-efficient and having a proper and responsible management. By analysing sustainability aspects together with financial aspects, we can select the best possible investments that can make your pension savings grow.

Learn more about sustainability in our investment process

Your investments make a difference

When we invest your pension savings in a company, you own a part of this company. On your behalf, we use our influence as a shareholder to encourage the company to take positive steps towards sustainability. By exercising our voting rights at general meetings and engaging with companies, we can discuss solutions and influence them to integrate sustainability in their business. We thus support the companies’ long-term, responsible growth.

Learn more about dialogue and voting at general meetings

What you do not invest in

We do not invest your pension savings in companies if the major part of their revenue is generated from coal, tar sand or tobacco products. Also, we do not invest in companies that are involved in controversial weapons, such as nuclear weapons or landmines, or in countries that are subject to EU or UN sanctions.

Learn more about our investment restrictions

Investment of DKK 100 billion in the green transition

In future, a larger proportion of your savings will be invested in the green transition. Our ambition is to increase investments in the green transition to about DKK 100 billion by 2030. This is to support international climate goals and to continue generating attractive returns on your pension savings.

Learn more

Policy and reporting

Our Sustainable Investment Policy builds on internationally recognised conventions and principles for corporate responsibility, and we report on our approach, processes and results in the sustainable investment area.

  • Sustainable Investment Policy

    Our sustainable investment approach is based on integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects in our investment decisions, active ownership, screening and restrictions. The policy builds on international conventions and principles for corporate responsibility. These include, among other things, the recommendations of the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance, the UN Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI), the Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

    Read our Sustainable Investment Policy (In Danish Only)

    Read our Active Ownership Policy

  • Tax Principles on Investments

    Tax and investments are an integral focus area in Danica Pension’s corporate responsibility and sustainability work. A specific example is investments in countries blacklisted by the EU as tax havens.

    Going forward, Danica Pension will not make any new illiquid investments in countries, such as the Cayman Islands, that are on the EU’s tax haven blacklist. The restriction will apply as long as the specific country appears on the list.

    Our Tax Principles on Investments describe our approach to tax and our expectations of the companies and the funds we invest in. The principles can be downloaded here.

  • Reporting

    Active ownership

    Dialogue: As active owners, we discuss significant ESG aspects with companies. We consider active ownership as the most effective way to contribute to driving positive changes and influence companies’ approach to handling risks and opportunities.

    Read our most recent active ownership report (In Danish only)

    Voting: We exercise our voting right at the general meetings of Danish companies in which we represent relevant holdings.

    See how we voted at general meetings

    Carbon emissions related to our investments

    As part of our climate focus, we publish information on carbon emissions related to our investments. Read our most recent report on carbon emissions here (In Danish only). Learn more about our approach to analysing climate conditions and supporting the green transition here.

    Reporting to the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance

    We support the principles of the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance and we report annually on our active ownership activities.

    Read our most recent reporting to the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance (In Danish only)

    UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investments (PRI)

    As part of the Danske Bank Group, we are a member of the UN-supported organisation PRI, to which we report annually on our sustainable investment approach and activities. In 2018, we achieved the highest PRI ranking related to our sustainable investment activities.

  • List of equities, bonds and restrictions

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