Help your young employees get the best start to their working life 

The young people entering the labour market these years are called Generation Z, or Gen Z for short – the first generation of digital natives, born with full WiFi connection and excellent web surfing skills.

Unfortunately, we have seen a general increase in stress and anxiety in society over the past few years – especially among young people. In collaboration with researcher Søren Schultz Hansen, we have therefore compiled some tips and developed an onboarding plan that may be useful for you as manager of new young employees to help them get the best start to their working life.

In our experience, companies that actively plan how to best support their new young employees have a strategic advantage of attracting and motivating the talents of the future.

Download onboarding plan and tips on how to manage your young employees.

Download tips and plan as pdf

Søren Schultz Hansen is a researcher of Gen Z. Watch as he outlines the characteristics of the generation.
Michael Bruun Ellegaard is a manager at Trustworks. Here, he talks about how his company motivates the young employees to stay with the company.

4 rules of thumb for successful management of Gen Z employees

Create a safe start

  • Prioritise frequent interaction with your young employees, preferably on a daily basis, where you can discuss the performance of tasks and align expectations.
  • Create social security by setting up buddy or mentor schemes and arranging social events.
  • The young employees not only want to socialise digitally. Physical communities are important for them to thrive.

Highlight what’s meaningful

  • Explain to the young employees how their specific tasks help the company get from A to B – but also how their work contributes to a greater purpose.
  • The young employees will often be interested in knowing how they and their work fit into the bigger picture. 

 Think short term

  • Many young employees are less motivated by long-term career plans, so focus on the short term and break the plan down into smaller bites.
  • If a young employee does decide to leave your company, consider it a possible investment in the future. Maybe they will return to your company even more skilled at a later date. 

Establish a relationship with your employee

  • Establish an equal, authentic relationship. Such relationships can be key to well-being and development.
  • Many young employees want managers to be role models whom they can relate to as real human beings with both strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Be curious about your young employees and get to know their values. You need to be able to master the balance between a close constructive relationship while maintaining your authority.

Download onboarding plan and tips on how to manage your young employees.

Download tips and plan as pdf

The young generation on audio

Are you ready to welcome Gen Z employees, or do you want more information to better understand the young people and their needs?
Then listen to our podcast Healthy Voices: 

Michael Manly Vad
Psychologist PPclinic

Part 48: Psykologisk tryghed i onboarding af de unge

Are you unsure of how you as a manager best support young employees in their transition from student life to working life? Psychologist Michael Manly Vad from PPclinic offers some good advice on the topic. 

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Søren Schultz Hansen

Part 49: Når generation ”digitalt indfødt” rammer arbejdspladserne

Listen to researcher Søren Schultz Hansen offering his insights on what characterises the generation and what you, as employers, should pay special attention to when they enter your workplace.

Listen here (in Danish only)

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