Why Choose Danica Pension?

If your business is looking for a reliable pension scheme for your employees, here are some reasons to consider Danica Pension

  • Danica Pension is one of Denmark's largest and most experienced pension providers. We are part of the Danske Bank Group, which provides an extra degree of stability and security.
  • Danica Pension offers professional advice on pension, investment and insurance – for both you as a business and your employees. We also offer a number of services to help you with the administration of pension schemes.
  • In addition to pension schemes, Danica Pension also offers health insurance covers that can help your employees stay healthy and well.

How we advise your company

Helping both you as a business and your employees is our most important task, so that we can strengthen the business – now and in the future.

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How we advise your employees

Many people are not saving up enough for their retirement. It is therefore important to have a pension scheme that makes your employees feel secure in the knowledge that they are in a good financial position for a long retirement. Read about how we manage your employees' pension.

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How we help you create a healthier workplace

At Danica, we give you clear recommendations on preventive measures based on data, experience and tried and tested concepts. Advice on preventive measures that can increase the energy level, improve well-being and reduce absence due to illness. Read more about how you can create a healthier workplace.

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A good pension scheme makes your company an even more attractive workplace.

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