How we advise your company

Helping both you as a business and your employees is our most important task, so that we can strengthen the business – now and in the future. We do this by giving your business clear recommendations based on insights and customer data - proactive advice to your employees that they can easily act on, ensuring that you and your employees are well prepared in future.

We also continually strive to help you prevent illness, improve well-being among your employees and help employees who are absent due to illness recover and return to working hours as soon as possible. All this can help reduce loss of productivity, which can ultimately be very costly to your bottom line.

Proactive advice and clear recommendations

We regularly follow up on your employees whether they have the right cover and  follow our recommendations.

You get a status of how many of your employees have registered for Danica Update. With Danica Update, we can contact your employees directly if they experience life-changing events that make it advisable for them to adjust their pension scheme to fit their current life situation.

You will also be informed of how many of your  employees we have contacted proactively with an invitation to take a Pension Check - and how many of them have subsequently completed the Pension Check. This gives you an idea of how many employees have received proactive advice and follow our recommendations.

You will also get recommendations and specific tools for initiatives for your business that ensures that your employees have the best possible assistance.

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Clear recommendations based on legislation and data

If an employee falls ill you will have a single point of contact with us. We have experienced social advisers who can advise you on what we can do together to ensure that the employee gets the help and support that he or she needs to return to work quickly and safely. The social advisers will also be able to advise you on the business's options in terms of legislation, rights and reimbursement during an absence due to illness, so that you can retain competent competences in the business.

We also focus a lot on prevention. We look at your company's use of treatments and services and offer you relevant insights that may show you where it could be advised to take action with one or more of our healthcare tools.

If there is not enough data to ensure anonymity among your employees, we can offer statistics from your industry. This is how we can contribute to strengthening the health and well-being of your business.

Advice if you employees become ill

  • We will guide you on how best to handle the employees absence due to illness
  • We are proactive and are available with help and guidance throughout the employee's absence period 
  • We advice you on your legal and financial options, including the reimbursement
  • We will advise you on how to ensure a good return to work for the employee
  • We have good results with having this close dialogue – together we make a targeted effort to get the employee back to working as soon as possible

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