How to manage your Pension scheme

The updated overview of your pension agreement.

Netpension Firma makes administration of your pensions easy – round the clock. You have access to your overall pension agreement and you can track all changes on a daily basis and generate relevant reports.

This way, you will always have an updated pension overview at both corporate and employee level. It is safe, quick and easy.

Log on to Netpension Firma – in Danish only

  1. Enter your user ID and password
  2. Enter your eSafeID key
  3. Click [Næste]

Log on to Netpension Firma

Register employees

It is easy to register new employees. If you register an employee as soon as you hire the person, the pension scheme will be effective at once and the pension savings can be invested immediately.

When you register employees in Netpension Firma, they will be comprised by the pension scheme immediately. We will also automatically initiate a dialogue with the new employee to ensure the advisory services necessary.


Deregister or notify us about leave of absence

You can easily notify us in Netpension Firma when an employee leaves the company or takes a leave of absence. When the change has been registered, the rest happens automatically. It is still possible to send emails or documents via Netpension Firma.

Overview of your pension agreement
You have access to all the details and conditions of your Danica Pension agreement.


With a Pension Check report, you can track the value that Pension Check creates for your employees. You can also see whether they are saving up enough and have the right cover in case of illness or death. At least seven responses are required in order for you to generate a report.

A health report provides you with an overview of how your employees use the various forms of treatment.


If you have any questions regarding the use of Netpension Firma, we are ready to support you on +45 45 13 12 30.
You can also write to


  • How do I get access to Netpension Firma?

    You can request access to Netpension Firma by completing this form (In Danish only).

    We can also help you if you have forgotten your user ID or lost your key. Call or write to us.

  • Can we access Netpension Firma from any PC?

    Yes, you can access Netpension Firma from any standard PC and operating system. If you use a PC that other persons have access to, we recommend that you always close the browser after use.

    If you experience any technical issues before logging on to Netpension Firma, please contact Support Direct. If you experience any technical issues after you have logged on, please call us on +45 45 13 12 30 or write to

  • Can we have more than one administrator in Netpension Firma?

    Yes, there is no limit as to the number of administrators. We distinguish between administrators and users. An administrator can create new administrators and users.

A good pension scheme makes your company an even more attractive workplace.

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