Overview of your pension scheme

In Netpension, you can see the insurances that cover you and your family. You can track your return on your pension savings and see the amount of benefits you will receive when you retire. You can also take a Pension Check and adjust your pension scheme when needed, to ensure that your pension scheme fits your current life situation.

We just launched a new and improved version of Netpension to make it even easier for you to keep track of your pension scheme.

Log on to Netpension

To log on you must use MitID.

Log on to Netpension

Get an overview

Netpension provides you with an overview of your pension savings, your return and your insurance covers. You can also see the amount of benefits you will receive when you retire. You find this information on the main page.

Report a claim

If you need to use your insurance covers, for example to cover treatment by a physiotherapist, you can report the claim in Netpension. You find this feature in the top menu ‘Report a claim’.

See your health insurance

If you have health insurance with Danica Pension, you can see how you are covered if you fall ill or need treatment or rehabilitation.

Your pension benefits

Once you start receiving pension benefits, you can see the amount of benefits you can expect to receive in the coming month, both before and after tax. You can find information on your pension benefits in the menu ‘Pension and insurance’ under ‘Your pension benefits’.

Try our Mobile pension app - the quick overview

Mobile pension


  • What information can I find in Netpension?

    Besides the features mentioned above, you can also keep track of your contributions and expenses related to your pension scheme and see the historical returns on your pension savings. You can also change your investment strategy or make additional contributions to your pension scheme.

  • Can I access Netpension from my PC?

    Yes, you can access Netpension from any standard PC and operating system. If you experience any issues, do not hesitate to contact Support Direct. If you use a PC that other persons have access to, we recommend that you always close the browser after use.

  • Can I get advisory services in Netpension?

    Yes, you can easily book an online meeting or telephone meeting in Netpension.

  • What is the difference between Netpension and Mobilpension?    

    Mobilpension provides you with a quick overview on the go, whereas Netpension contains all details about your pension scheme.

A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?

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