Your Life

Through a life, you can experience many changes – both in your working life and in your personal life. It is important to be aware of how the changes affect your financial situation – and thus your pension savings. Your savings may be affected when:

  • You change jobs, become unemployed or are going on leave
  • You marry, have a child or need a divorce
  • You are approaching retirement and may need a pension plan that can give you financial security and your life in retirement.

My working life has changed

What happens to your pension scheme if you get a new job, become unemployed or your working life otherwise changes?

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My personal life has changed

There are many factors that may affect your financial situation. You have a child, move, divorce or other life-changing events. This also affects your pension scheme. Remember to check your insurance covers and pension savings to ensure that you are covered – all throughout your life.

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I am about to retire

Many of us can look forward to more than 20 years as pensioners, so it is important that you have considered how your life is to look in the coming years What is a good transition from the labour market, how do you ensure financial security, and, not least, how do you spend your time on it?.

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A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?

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