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Our body is built for motion. Did you know that just a few changes can minimise the physical problems of sedentary work? Here are some tips on how you and your colleagues can incorporate more movement while you are at work.


Power Breaks - program 1

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Power Breaks - program 2

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Power Breaks - program 3

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What is Power Breaks?

In collaboration with exercise expert Birgitte Nymann, we have developed Power Breaks – a range of exercise programmes you can do at work to get your body moving and fight the physical problems that sedentary work can cause.

Each Power Breaks programme consists of 8 exercises: 4 basic exercises, the same for all programmes, to get the body going and 4 extended exercises to increase the positive effect.

We recommend you complete the programmes three times every week.

Is your work sedentary?

Our body is built for motion. Learn more about how sedentary work affects your health – and get inspiration for how you can strengthen your health with just a few changes.

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