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Danica Pension Check

A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your life situation?

Our lives are constantly changing. What was relevant a few years ago may be completely different today. Maybe you have married, have had children, bought a new home or got a salary increase.

Your pension scheme should be updated according to your life situation, so that you and your family are financially secured – today and in the future. By completing Danica Pension Check, you can easily find out whether your insurance covers fit your life situation and whether you are saving up enough

Take a Pension Check

1: Log on with your NemID

2: Answer six questions about your life and your financial situation

3: Get a clear recommendation and adjust your scheme, if needed

Start your Pension Check here

More than one million life-changing events happen to Danes every year that should prompt a pension check.
One in five are not saving up enough to maintain their standard of living in retirement.

Answer a few questions

The questions concern your life and your financial situation – including your current salary, your assets and debts, your civil status and your desired retirement age.

Retrieve your information from PensionsInfo

We recommend that you retrieve your information from PensionsInfo. Our recommendations are partly based on this information.

Insurance and savings

We help you provide financial security for you and your family, for example in case of loss of earning capacity or your death.

You must also decide how much you want to allocate to your pension savings, and we will provide you with clear recommendations.

You can combine your pension schemes

With an overview of your existing pension schemes and insurance covers, we will advise you on whether it would be an advantage to combine some of your pension schemes to get a total overview and to safe expenses.

Get recommendations and adjust

If your Pension Check gives your pension scheme a green light, your scheme fits your current life situation. However, if your scheme gets a yellow or red light, it may be a good idea to adjust your pension scheme. Pension Check makes it easy for you to adjust your insurance covers and contributions.

If your pension scheme gets a red light in Pension Check, we will contact you with recommendations on how to change your scheme to a green light so that it fits your life situation.

Circumstances significantly impacting your pension scheme

  • Civil status

    If you are married or cohabit with your partner, this may have significant impact on the amount of public benefits you are entitled to – including your state pension benefits. Your civil status also affects what insurance covers we recommend you to take out.

  • Children

    If you have children under the age of 21, this affects the amount of benefits you are entitled to if you fall ill and lose your earning capacity. Your life insurance should also be adjusted to financially secure your children if, in a worst case scenario, you were to die before they reach the age of 21.

  • Salary

    We recommend that you receive pension benefits corresponding to 80% of your salary upon retirement. For this reason, we need to know your current salary to calculate the amount of pension benefits you should receive – and thus how much you should save up today. Your salary also affects how you should be covered in case of loss of earning capacity.

  • Real estate

    Many homeowners are saving up in the form of home equity. You can spend part of these savings after you retire. That is why we enquire about your housing situation when recommending how much you should save up for your pension.

  • Assets

    On average, Danica Pension customers save up 11.6% of their salary for their pension. If you have other savings than your pension scheme and real estate, you can also use these during your retirement. For this reason, we would like to know about any other assets when recommending how much you should save up.

  • Retirement age

    The average retirement age is 63.4. When do you want to retire? The later you retire, the more you are able to save up. Your state pension benefits also increase the later you retire. As a general rule, for each year you want to retire earlier, you need to save up an additional amount corresponding to 50% of your annual salary.

A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?