Step Care™ – we support you all the way

Prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases require the right action to be taken early. Through our treatment method Step Care™, you get help and advice early on – and throughout a potential course of treatment.

Step Care™ provides treatment of physical and psychological conditions. If you start to notice back pain or stress, for example, Step Care™ provides timely help as soon as you experience the first symptoms and contact us.

You will be guided by an expert. If needed, a treatment plan will be prepared for you, and a team of therapists will be assigned to your treatment programme. That way, you can focus all your energy on your recovery.

A course of physical treatment with fast, cross-functional action

  • Lower back pain

    An employee experiences lower back pain and contacts a health expert – in this case a doctor – online. The doctor assesses that there is a risk of a slipped disk and refers the employee for a scan and books an appointment at a private hospital.

A course of psychological treatment with cross-functional support throughout the treatment programme

  • Early stress symptoms

    An employee experiences early symptoms of stress and contacts a health expert – in this case a psychologist – online. After a couple of sessions, the psychologist assesses that treatment in person is needed.

* cross-functional treatment may involve a psychologist, a chiropractor, a specialist, a psychiatrist, a job coach or a dietician.

Our offerings

To get the full benefits of Step Care™, you need to have the health package, health insurance and cover for loss of earning capacity with Danica Pension.


Danica Health Package is not only useful when you are ill, it also helps you and your family prevent illness.

With Danica Health Insurance, we take care of you when you need support. We offer you a wide range of fast-track treatment options.

If you fall ill and are no longer able to work, we offer you financial and personal support, providing peace of mind in your everyday life.

A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?

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