If you are 30 years or so and have a few small pension savings with different pension providers, you can actually end up paying thousands of kroner in expenses before you retire. Money that could have been used to increase your pension savings instead.

By pooling your pension schemes, you can reduce the expenses you pay and save up more instead, giving you an opportunity for extra returns. This will increase your pension savings. By how much depends on your age and the number of schemes you can pool.


“Let’s say you have pension schemes with two previous providers. If you pay annual expenses of DKK 700-900, for example, the total amount of expenses will be up to DKK 70,000 over the next 40 years until you retire. By pooling your pension schemes, you could save these expenses and instead increase your savings, thus increasing your returns. Overall, this can amount to an aggregate of more than DKK 100,000 by the time you retire.”Mads Moberg Reumert, Senior Economist, Danica Pension.

Pool your pension schemes when you change jobs

In many cases, you change pension provider when you change jobs, and it can be a good idea to pool your pension schemes when this happens.

– When you become a Danica Pension customer, we help you find out whether you have pension schemes with several pension providers. As a very first step, you need to check your pension scheme via our online tool Pension Start. Here we will ask you to consent to us retrieving information about your other pension schemes from pensionsinfo.dk – a system containing information about every pension scheme set up in Denmark, Mads Moberg Reumert explains.

– If you consent to us retrieving your information, we can give you a customised recommendation right away on what pension schemes you should pool. You can give consent when you complete Pension Start.

When is it not an advantage to pool your pension schemes?

There may be situations in which it is not an advantage to pool your pension schemes. An example could be if you have special terms applying to your pension scheme, such as minimum payout guarantees or insurance covers that you still need but can no longer take out. In Pension Start and Pension Check, you get clear recommendation on your exact pension scheme.

It is also important to consider when the pension scheme you want to transfer was set up. This might affect when you can start receiving your pension benefits. We take this into account when advising you on your pension scheme.