Webinar about your pension savings, investments and the market

Chief Strategist at Danske Bank Wealth Management, Tine Choi and Investment Director of Risk Assets at Danica Pension, Jesper Langmack will talk about the 2018 market developments, expectations going forward and answer questions during the webinar.

About the Webinar

When is the webinar?
Wednesday October 31st  2018 9.00-9.45 am


 What do you get?

  • Insights into the 2018 market performance and expectations going forward
  • An update on Danica Pension’s investment strategy

Send questions on SMS: +45 29 79 37 85 

Technical issues:

  • If the webinar is not showing (black screen), then please refresh the webpage.
  • If there is no sound, then please unmute the speakers.
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