Danica Select

Danica Select gives you the maximum freedom to manage the investment of your pension savings yourself.

You invest your pension savings in equities, bonds, ETFs and unit trusts yourself. You are absolutely free to compose your own portfolio. Your contributions will be placed in an account with a linked custody account, from which you make your investments.

Danica Select gives you access to thousands of securities on stock exchanges in both Europe and North America. Your trades are executed via Danske eBanking, and Danske Bank will function as your securities trader.

Danica Select requires a certain minimum amount of savings with us and a certain minimum amount of contributions per year. You can learn more about the requirements further down the page under ‘How do I get Danica Select’.

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Facts about Danica Select

  • How do I get Danica Select?

    To set up Danica Select, you need to have pension savings of at least DKK 1 million with us. Alternatively, you can contribute at least DKK 100,000 per year – and in that case you must place at least DKK 100,000 in your Select account from the outset.

    If you have a company pension scheme, your employer may have decided which investment products you have access to. If you want to learn more about your options, feel free to call us on + 45 70 11 25 25.

  • What is the price of Danica Select?

    You will be charged a fixed administrative fee of DKK 1,200 per year. In addition, the price of Danica Select depends on:

    • your trading activity
    • the types of securities you trade
    • the regions you trade in
  • No guarantee

    You cannot add on a guarantee to Danica Select, as you invest in individual securities yourself.

    If you want a pension scheme with a guarantee, you should consider changing to Danica Balance.

  • How do I conduct trades in my custody account?

    You can trade via Danske eBanking, and Danske Bank will function as your securities trader. If you do not already have access to Danske eBanking, you can request it here.

    You can choose between three types of trading:

    • real-time trading
    • market order
    • market order with limit

    Real-time trading

    Real-time trading takes place here and now, and the trade is executed when you accept the rate using your digital signature. You can perform ‘real-time trading’ of most securities Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

    Market order

    With this trading type, Danske Bank chooses the trading venue and the order execution method that are most advantageous for you in accordance with the rules on Best Execution.

    Market order with limit

    When you place an order with limit, you set a minimum price at which you want to sell or a maximum price at which you want to buy. You also set a time limit for the limit order.

    Subsequently, Danske Bank will choose the trading venue and the order execution method in accordance with the rules on Best Execution.

  • Monitor your investments

    In Danske eBanking and Mobilpension, you can monitor the performance of your investments and see information such as your trading activity, price charts and returns as well as trading and security details. You can also monitor your trades in progress and get access to information that can help you invest.

    As a Danica Select customer, you have access to telephone investment advice with Danske Bank if you have given your consent. You can call Investering Direkte on +45 70 20 22 96. See opening hours here.

  • Which securities can I trade in Danica Select?

    You can trade in the following types of securities:

    • Listed equities – except a number of small, illiquid equities
    • Government bonds, mortgage bonds, local government bonds, etc.
    • Simple equity-based and bond-based funds and ETFs that comply with the EU UCITS directive. You can find a list of the ETFs here 

    The Danske Bank Group may choose to prohibit trading in individual securities – for example because of the Groups’ ownership position in the relevant company.

    You cannot trade in credit bonds, derivatives and other types of complex securities in Danica Select. In addition, you cannot participate in any subscription of shares.

  • How do you want your pension savings to be paid out?

    When you set up a pension scheme, you also choose how you want your pension savings to be paid out when you retire. You may receive a lump sum or regular benefits – and for different periods of your retirement. Your pension scheme will be set up as a retirement savings scheme, an annuity pension scheme or a life annuity.

    Learn more about your payout options.

    When you start receiving benefits from your Danica Select scheme, it is your responsibility to sell-off securities, so that there is sufficient cash available.

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