Maybe you are already checking your insurance covers and pension savings on a regular basis to ensure that you are well covered. If not, marriage is a good reason to do so.

With a Pension Check, you can quickly ensure that your pension scheme matches your life situation – also after your wedding.

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Did you know that you can also choose – or designate – other persons to receive your pension savings if you were to die prematurely? Generally, your spouse will receive your savings if you die.

Learn more about designation of beneficiary (In Danish only)

Have you considered setting up a marriage contract? A marriage contract details how you want your finances – such as your pensions savings – to be divided if you were to divorce. Generally, pension savings will not be divided on divorce. It may therefore be a good idea to discuss this before you marry.

In the event one of you falls ill and permanently or temporarily loses your earning capacity, your financial situation will significantly benefit from you having a cover for loss of earning capacity and a cover for critical illness. Learn more in the boxes below.