When the company or an employee’s life changes

When the company changes or your employees experience life-changing events, the pension scheme is affected. Every year, the Danish population experiences more than one million life-changing events, prompting a need to adjust their pension schemes.

This also applies to you and your employees. It is important that you adjust your pension scheme if you get married, divorce, have children or buy a home. Not having the right pension scheme can have serious implications – both in retirement and if anything happens to you or your employees tomorrow.

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80 %

of our new customers’ previous pension schemes did not provide sufficient cover according to our recommendations

Source: Danica Pension, Pension Check


Get clear recommendations when you need them

You and your employees need not remember when to adjust your company pension agreement and your pension schemes. We will contact you in case of any changes in your company, to legislation or in an employee’s life that make it advisable for you to make adjustments.

As you and your employees need to make well-considered decisions on what to do with your company pension agreement and the employees’ pension schemes, we will not present you with a wide range of options to choose from. Instead, we provide you with clear recommendation as to what you should do in your exact situation – based on facts and analyses.

That way, you can be secure in the knowledge that you and your employees have the right cover and are saving up enough for your retirement.

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