Healthy Performance  in the workplace

With Healthy Performance, our aim is to help companies create the right conditions for enhancing their employees’ focus, balance and mental strength.

With our Healthy Performance concept, we present techniques to help increase your employees’ focus and ability to use mental breaks and prioritise. Healthy Performance was developed in collaboration with Potential Project, the global leader in providing mental training programmes to companies.


Research shows that...

the brain was not designed to process the volumes of information we receive today, and that our ability to stay focused has deteriorated over the past 20 years. It also shows that while we are at work, we are mentally off-task for about 47% of the time.

When we are unfocused, we become less efficient, we make more mistakes and our ability to prioritise is significantly weakened. This also reduces our wellbeing. When we are distracted, we tend to become stressed and less happy.

Daily mental training can have improve our focus, our ability to prioritise, our sleep quality and wellbeing.

For the brain, a day without breaks is like running a marathon without water breaks.

It can take 20 minutes to recover your workflow after a simple distraction.

Did you know that...

a survey of 350,000 people’s work priorities revealed that they spend an average of 41% on low-priority tasks. In other words, they are busy doing lots of things, but not necessarily the right things. Source: FranklinCovey global Time Matrix™ Survey, 2015

How to achieve Healthy Performance

To help you get the entire organisation on board with Healthy Performance, we have developed a number of tools that make it easy for you to get started.


Healthy Performance test

Take the Healthy Performance test and find out how good you are at focusing, prioritising and taking mental breaks.

Take the Healthy Performance test

Training programmes

The training programmes make it simple and easy to get started. Download and print them as handouts for your employees.

Download training programmes

Guides and Podcasts

Listen and follow the guided training sessions, developed specifically for Healthy Performance by experienced mental coaches. Find them in our podcast series “Sunde stemmer” in your podcast app, or listen to them here:

Listen to the guided training sessions

Communication package

Use the tools in the communication package as support or inspiration on how to successfully roll out Healthy Performance in your company.

Download communication package

Contact us and get off to a good start with Healthy Performance

We are ready to help you promote Healthy Performance in your company. Call your Danica Pension contact to learn more about how to get started. To make it easy for you, we have collected all the materials for you in one package.

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Learn more about Healthy Performance

Healthy Performance consists of three areas: focus, mental breaks and prioritisation. In each of these areas, we offer mental training exercises that can help you become a better version of yourself.


Many of us have trouble maintaining focus and being mentally present. This affects our quality of life and our performance. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. You can train your brain to handle challenges in order to optimise your performance.

Learn more

Mental breaks

Some people consider taking regular breaks a “luxury”, but in fact breaks are an effective and simple way to improve your concentration and boost your mental strength.

Learn more


If we fail to prioritise our tasks, what often happens is that we try to multitask to get more done. However, research indicates that the brain is incapable of coping with two demanding tasks at once.

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Healthy Performance was developed in collaboration with Potential Project

Potential Project is among the global leaders in providing mental training for managers and employees. Potential Project’s mission is to help employees, managers and organisations enhance their performance through mindfulness and other techniques based on the latest neuroscience. Founded in Denmark, Potential Project is currently present in 30 countries with more than 200 trainers and 450+ global customers.

Healthy Performance is part of your Danica Pension scheme. As an optional add-on, we also offer on-site or virtual training for groups and managers. If you want to learn more about these add-ons, please contact your Danica Pension contact.

Other Danica Pension health concepts

Healthy Performance is just one of a number of digital concepts we have developed to help companies and their employees achieve a healthier working life and private life.
Our concepts focus on both body and mind and can help reduce stress, unhappiness and bad habits. All our concepts are scalable and digital for easy integration in your company.


Balance Your Screen Time

In collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, we have developed Balance Your Screen Time to help you balance your screen time and boost your wellbeing and productivity.

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Balance Your Screen Time At Night

A large proportion of Danes suffer from poor sleep quality. Our Balance Your Screen Time At Night concept provides advice on how to achieve a healthy sleep pattern.

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Stress Help

Stress Help provides you and your employees with specific knowledge and tools to prevent and reduce stress.

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Power Breaks are physical exercises

Power Breaks is a range of physical exercises you can incorporate in your working day. They can improve your wellbeing and productivity and reduce absence due to illness (In Danish only).

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Guide to a healthy diet

In collaboration with a diet expert, we provide examples of meals and recipes that can boost your energy, wellbeing and health.

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