Balance your screen time - and boost your mental strength in a digital world

Is your smartphone within reach right now? If so, you are just like the rest of us. With digital devices always close at hand, we can stay updated and available – both at work and at home. When we have become used to checking our smartphones in meetings, eating lunch in front of the PC and checking emails at night, our digital use may have gone too far, however.

There is a link between smartphone addiction and stress. Get help to find (or maintain) a balance in your screen time.

Source: SmartSleep study conducted by the University of Copenhagen (2018)


5 great tips to balance your screen time

Do you sleep well?

50% of Danes often or always feel rested when they wake up*. If you are not one of them, you can get advice on how to protect your sleep and your bedroom against your smartphone.

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*Source: YouGov survey conducted for Danica Pension (2019)

When screens affect your health

Podcast: The digital work life

Listen to the podcast “Det digitale arbejdsliv” (“The digital work life”) (in Danish), in which professor Naja Hulvej Rod explains the consequences of excessive smartphone use and gives her advice on how to achieve a better balance.

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The irresistible digital technology

Developers of smartphones and other digital devices are competing for your time and attention.
Finding the right balance between productivity and mental focus is key.
Here are some tips and ideas on how to regain control of your use of digital devices.

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