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With all the demands placed on us in our busy lives, it is important to feel both physically and mentally balanced. We want to help you lead a healthy life with mental strength.

Our healthcare tools focus on both physical and mental health, helping you to take important steps towards preventing illness and improving your health by making few simple changes to your routines.

Our healthcare tools include a wide range of tips, tests, podcasts and training programmes developed in collaboration with a number of health experts.

Corona advice

Working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic can be difficult. It can be a challenge to stay motivated and keep your spirits up. Here are some tips on how you can protect your physical and mental health during the pandemic.

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Healthy Performance

Healthy Performance™ consists of three areas: focus, mental breaks and prioritisation. In each of these areas, we offer mental training exercises that can help you become a better version of yourself.

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Balance Your Screen Time

Are you using your smartphone too much or a bit too often? Research shows that there is a link between smartphone addiction and stress. Get tips and help to find or maintain a balance in your screen time.

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Balance Your Screen Time at Night

A good, uninterrupted night’s sleep is essential for you to perform your best in a busy everyday life and to be in good physical and mental shape generally. Here you get tips on how you can achieve a healthy sleep pattern.

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Stress Help

More and more Danes are suffering from stress. But what happens when someone experiences symptoms of stress, and how do you recognise these symptoms? Get tips on what you can do.

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Power Breaks

You only need to make a few changes to minimise the physical problems of sedentary work. Here are some tips and video guides on how you can incorporate more movement in your working day.

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Sunde Stemmer
(in Danish only)

Sunde stemmer is Danica Pension’s podcast series. Each episode features a new guest, who shares his or her views on physical and mental health. Listen and subscribe to Sunde Stemmer via your favourite podcast platform.

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Health Check

Prevention is better than cure. In collaboration with Falck Healthcare, we have developed Danica Health Check with the purpose of inspiring you to live a healthier life and to reduce the risk of stress and absenteeism.

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