Use your pension scheme to take

better care of the planet

Perhaps you are already presorting your waste. And perhaps you leave the car at home and take the bicycle instead – or take meat-free days. That is excellent. But there is one more tool that is effective and can help take better care of the planet, and which you may have overlooked: Your pension scheme.

Your pension savings combined with the savings of our other customers amount to billions of kroner, which we invest with a view to being spent some time in the future. Meanwhile, we are also responsible for influencing the future in which the money is to be spent.

If you want to invest your pension savings with special focus on sustainability, you can invest part or all of your savings in Danica Balance Responsible Choice, which has been designed specifically for people who want to invest their savings in a way that is even more focused on a sustainable future.    

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It is entirely up to you what percentage of your
pension savings you want to invest in Danica Balance Responsible Choice.

0%, 47% or 100%? You adjust the percentage by moving the slider up or down in Netpension.

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Increase your focus on sustainability with
Danica Balance Responsible Choice

Do you want your pension savings to have an extra focus on promoting sustainability? If so, you can choose to place a proportion or all of your pension savings in Danica Balance Responsible Choice. By doing so, your pension investments will focus even more on companies that aim to help solve global challenges in areas such as climate, the environment, food security, social conditions and health. And your investments will continue to provide the prospect of achieving an attractive return.

As a minimum, 75% of your investments in Danica Balance Responsible Choice will be sustainable investments. Sustainable investments are investments that – according to our own assessment – seek to contribute to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This means that we evaluate both what the company produces and how it produces its products. In practice, each investment’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is different.

Also, when you choose Danica Balance Responsible Choice your pension savings will not be invested fossil fuels, military equipment and a number of other sectors. We seek to ensure that the companies your pension savings are invested in do not have a significant negative impact on society and that they meet international standards for human and labour rights and standards for good corporate governance.

What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

In short, they are a plan and ambition to make the world more sustainable by 2030. 
There are 17 goals, including:

  • Climate Action and Clean Water
  • Zero Hunger and Good Health and Well-being
  • Gender Equality and Quality Education.

Learn more about the Goals here

Please note

If you want your savings to be placed in at least 75% sustainable investments, all of your pension savings must be invested in Danica Balance Responsible Choice.

For more information about the investments, please read the section ‘How does it work?’ below.

Example of investments:

Companies and projects that produce renewable energy or provide solutions to reduce water wastage, create more clean drinking water or promote sustainable food production.

Companies that seek to increase the reuse and recycling of materials, promote biodiversity, contribute to improved healthcare or reduce the climate footprint of the production of goods.

A combination of companies which together account for lower carbon emissions than the market in general and which are working to reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

How does it work?

How to get a happier future

Investing your pension savings in Danica Balance Responsible Choice is both simple and easy.
All you need to do is select your existing Danica Balance pension scheme in Netpension under the tab 'How your savings are invested' and click 'Adjust investment strategy'.

Danes’ view of sustainability

We can buy sustainable consumer goods, use public transport or take the bicycle and reduce air travel. But did you know that your pension scheme can also make a difference?

Nearly one in five Danes points to their pension savings as a way of making a big difference by investing in the green transition and sustainability.


Source: YouGov survey for Danica Pension, winter 2022

Nine in ten Danes have already changed their own behaviour to help reduce climate change. That is good news!

Are you thinking about doing even more, too?


Source: YouGov survey for Danica Pension, winter 2022

Six in ten Danes find it important to be able to choose how much of their pension savings should be invested with a special sustainability focus.

With Danica Balance Responsible Choice, you decide how much, or how little, to invest with a sustainability focus.

Source: YouGov survey for Danica Pension, winter 2022

It is important to act responsibly.

In fact, it turns out that two in three Danes feel confident about the future – as long as we act responsibly.


Source: YouGov survey for Danica Pension, winter 2022

Are you also friends

with your future?

When does the future actually begin? And who are you when standing in the middle of it? 

These are difficult questions. But the answers are part of shaping your life. For the future is the ‘now’ you create with the decisions you make today. 

The better you get to know your future  – the more you will get out of it. Perhaps you can even become friends?

We can give you help and advice on your pension that will make it easier for you to make the right decisions here and now, putting you in a better position going forward – both in your working life and your personal life.

Visit the future

A lot can happen in a year. Does your pension scheme fit your current life situation?

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