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Your pension savings will contribute towards increased green transition

In the future, a larger proportion of your savings will be invested in the green transition. Our ambition is to invest DKK 100 billion of customer savings in the green transition by 2030. Our aim is to contribute to a more climate-friendly society, while we continue to generate attractive returns for you.

Danica Pension aims at increasing customer investments in the green transition to about DKK 100 billion by 2030. The ambition is to generate attractive returns for our customers and contribute to international climate ambitions such as the Paris Agreement or the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“We always invest with the purpose of providing attractive, long-term returns for our customers, and we see exciting investment opportunities in the green transition. By investing customer savings in sustainable projects, funds or companies, we can both generate a return for our customers and contribute positively to the international climate goals.”

Danica Pension’s CEO, Ole Krogh Petersen

Danica Pension is already investing in the green transition

Danica Pension currently has invested about DKK 14 billion in the green transition, such as in

  • certified sustainable properties
  • green bonds
  • companies with activities in renewable energy or carbon-reducing technologies
  • infrastructure funds investing in renewable energy projects such as solar and wind farms and sub-contractors to these


  • What is an investment in the green transition?

    There is no recognised definition. When we invest in the green transition, it includes a number of different types of investments, such as:

    • investments in sustainable energy, such as wind and solar energy, biomass and hydro power
    • green bonds, which finance solutions and products within renewable energy, environmental pollution control, clean water, waste and sewage management, energy efficiency, etc.
    • certified sustainable properties complying with the strict requirements for low climate and environmental impact
    • companies that deliver products, technologies or solutions reducing climate impact
  • How much will Danica Pension invest in the green transition?

    We have currently invested about DKK 14 billion in the green transition, and it is our ambition to invest an additional amount of about DKK 86 billion by 2030 and thus have investments of a total of DKK 100 billion. Our ambition is part of the Danish pension industry’s declared goal of investing an additional DKK 350 billion by 2030. This was announced at the climate action summit held in New York in September 2019. Our investment ambition depends on the availability of attractive investment options that both support the green transition and can generate attractive returns for our customers. Our goal also depends on the pension assets that we manage for our customers developing as expected at our current business volume.

    The ambition means that 15% of our customers’ expected pension savings will be invested in the green transition by 2030.

  • How will Danica Pension fulfil the climate ambition?

    We expect to see more attractive investment opportunities in the green transition in line with increasing consumer demands for climate-friendly solutions and products. We also expect stricter climate regulations. For example, we will increase investments in companies that deliver products and solutions to the green transition as well as in companies that are transforming their business to relying on more climate-friendly energy sources. Moreover, we may increase investments in renewable energy projects within solar and wind energy, for example. In order to diversify our risk, our investments in the green transition will include various asset classes, such as equities, bonds, infrastructure funds, direct investments, properties, etc.

  • Does Danica Pension invest in fossil fuels?

    We do not invest in companies if 30% or more of their revenue is generated from coal or tar sand. This is part of our approach to supporting the Paris Agreement. We have invested in oil and gas companies, on which the world still depends. Several types of energy companies are already transforming their businesses towards using less carbon-emitting energy sources. This means that they are rethinking their business models and implementing carbon-reducing technologies or investing in renewable energy. As an investor, we focus on supporting companies through dialogue, so that they can both contribute to the green transition and generate good returns for our customers.

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