Prepare yourself for the meeting

As we wish to offer you the best service and advice possible, it will be helpful for us if you make a few preparations before we meet. You may consider various issues that are important to you, and you can bring along a number of useful documents.

Useful documents to bring along
Together, we can find answers to several factual questions if you bring along some of your documents to our meeting. These documents could for instance be

  • tax statements
  • insurance documents
  • pension fund statements
  • payslips
  • budget forms
  • payment summaries (direct debit)
  • your partner’s civil reg. no. and annual salary.

You may also choose to bring along a 15-page report, which you can download and print from Pensionsinfo (pension overview) via your online banking solution. 

Talk to us when life changes
Every time you consider changing your pension scheme, it is a good idea to book a meeting with one of our advisers. Because when your life changes, it is often necessary also to change your pension scheme or your insurance. Maybe you have had a child or have married, divorced or started a new job. In that case, it is time for a pensions check-up by one of our advisers.

Things to consider before the meeting
To get the most from the meeting, you would be well-advised to consider in advance whether

  • your pension scheme is still right for you
  • you can afford to pay more or less into your pension scheme
  • you need any new insurance policies now that your situation has changed
  • you wish to transfer your pension fund to another pension scheme
  • you wish to choose another payout option.

Thinking ahead
You can also consider how much control you wish to have over your pension scheme and your requirements for the life you want to live when you retire. You may consider

  • how much control you wish to have over your pension scheme
  • how much risk you wish to take with your pension scheme
  • how much you want to live on every month when you retire
  • when you wish to retire
  • how you would like to receive your pension payments.

Remember your family
Your choice of pension and insurance or guarantees may also affect your partner and your children. Thus, it is a good idea also to think about your family. For instance 

  • whether it is important that your family can afford to stay in your home if you lose your earning capacity or die
  • whether your family is to take over your savings if you die before you retire
  • whether you want to share your pension with your partner
  • whether your partner’s pension savings must be included in the amount you are allowed to pay into your pension scheme.

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