Pensions and insurance

You will get the best pension scheme if you have both savings and insurance. When combined, the two elements will cover your monthly payments when you retire, and in the meantime you can secure yourself and your family with insurance coverage.

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Pensions and insurance cover the following topics

Whether you want high risk or low risk, you can get a pension scheme that covers your needs.

The right insurance will ensure you quick treatment and financial safety during hard times.

Earning capacity
With a regular monthly income from us, your finances are under control - even if you lose your earning capacity.

Loss of earning capacity
If your child gets ill
Feel safe and secure with access to prompt treatment if your child becomes ill.

Health insurance for your children

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What if...
What is important to remember if you are getting married or become unable to work?

What if
Getting the most from the meeting
Be better prepared when you talk to us about your pension scheme. See what would be useful to consider and bring to the meeting.

Prepare yourself for the meeting